Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

This afternoon my husband and I went to for a drive he told me it was to see some homes in Downers Grove. I was like ok, and he said you have got to see these homes. We got in the car and started out on our journey for the day. We arrived in downtown Downers Grove, on our way to the unique neighborhood. It is just a couple of blocks for the downtown section. We came into Denburn Woods, what an amazing place, it is in a wooded section, and one would never know it was just a hop, skip and a jump away from downtown. The homes were simply amazing. There were a couple of homes for sale. This neighborhood is a architectural dream. They are all different and very unique, it looks like some of the home home were just built while other may have been there since the 1930's. I am not too sure, but they are simply beautiful. I loved driving through the windy streets to look upon the homes. There is an stone home that is Tudor home, with a guest home out by the garage. It is one I would take in a heartbeat, of course it is not for sale, or at least not at this time. There is one English Tutor that is fabulous that may still be for sale. I loved this place, quiet and secluded in the woods, there by the downtown section, well hidden from the rest of the world.
After the wonderful drive through the homes we went to have dinner. We went to Del Rhea's Chicken Basket. The one that is featured on Diners Drive - ins & Dives with Guy Fieri. their Chicken is simply amazing, tender, juicy and has a wonderful flavor. The mashed potatoes are wonderful along with the best chicken gravy.

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