Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who Are You?

There come a time in our lives that one must ask who are we, what is it that we stand for, what do you believe, who are you? How are we defined in life, and by what standards do we set for ourselves and for those that are around us. We have grown into adult and have lives that are full of family and work commitments, and maybe a weekly church outing where too many times we sit and watch the clock, wishing the priest or pastor would finish his sermon so we can go about out day! We sit there in the pew, and think this is such a small part of our day, yet more often then not it is something that we dread every Sunday. Yet, there are a few in the pews on Sunday morning that are just rejoicing that they are there in the house of the Lord to worship the one true, loving and forgiving God. So who are we?

Are we the soul that sits in the pew and defines ourselves by the job that we perform day in and day out at work. Are the answer lady at work, are you the teacher in the Middle School, that is not sure she/ he is reaching the kids in their classroom. Are you the doctor that is questioning why theses things happen to the individuals that are in your care? Do you question the one that tells you the dreaded news and now you wonder how you are going to make it through the next hour, day, week, month or year? Are you the individual that sits there as a homemaker and feel that you are not as worthy as those around you because you have the privilege to stay home. Where do we fit, do we question why or what we do daily, and wonder if we are doing the right job at all, is the grass greener on the other side of the road? Is it possible that more money will cure all things or a better career, a new career is the answer to happiness in life. Maybe we sit there in the pew on Sunday morning just so we can question God about all the things that He has allowed to happen to us in the past week, since we tend to focus on the negative so much in life, rather then on the good that is happening all around.

Yes, we tend to focus on the negative more and more each day. Have you ever noticed that when we turn on TV there is little positive shows, they all focus on the negative things, or those things that seem to breaks the laws of God. TV and movies focus on who did it, and why. They tend to revolve around a few common topics that are in society today that of Murder and Adultery. Yet, what they tend to leave out of it all is the true emotional pain that lasts so much longer then an hour! They don't focus on what happens to the family as they learn to grieve and deal with the impact of what has just happened to their family. It cannot portray the deep emotional pain that may take years to heal and for those wounds to heal. There is a reality to the fact that by breaking the 10 commandments that there is so much more that happens other then the simple sin against the Holy Father that has created you. There is an impact on not only that individual, but to the family, extended family, friends, and all those that loved the individual that has been hurt in the situation.

Yet, that is the day that we live in, it is how society has evolved, or has it? It is the way that it has to be or is there something that we as Christians are able to do to change the world around us. Are we as members of the body of Christ able to make a real difference in the community around us. Yes, we are able to make an impact on society one individual at a time. We are able to do this by sharing the Love of Christ with those we come in contact with on a daily basis.

We are able to show this love in the workforce all the time, by loving those who set out to hurt, or talk about you in ways that bring you down. We are able to forgive them for the actions and love them as Christ is able to love us as sinners. We are able to pray over meals in public, to show the others that we truly believe in God, and are thankful for the ability to go out to eat, while other have to eat home because they are not able to afford a fine dinner out. We are able to bless others in the community or in our church community by watching other's children so they too can have a break during the day and have time to themselves even if it is just an hour or two.

We as Christians are not defined by our roles that we hold in the community, it a part of who we are but no means is that to be all that we are in society. First and foremost we are Children of God, we are the sons and daughters of the Almighty Father, the seed of Abraham. We are His children, before any other role! We are love and held a bit higher then the angels in heaven. We are looked upon by God as His child, one who He created, and loves no matter what it is that we do, even if we walk away from God. He is there with open arm and will come running to you when you come home to Him, welcoming His child back to the kingdom of God. He is there watching and listening to our prayers and working things out so that we are able to give Him the glory through our lives. We are to walk with Him, Talk to Him, Worship Him on a daily basis not just Sunday morning when we may or may not be in the mood to sit in a pew to hear let alone worship the almighty Father.

As His children we hold a special place in the heart of God, just as we hold a special place for our children or our parents as they age and grow older before our very eyes. We have the hand of God at our side, there to hold as we walk through this life. We are there holding His hand, following after Him on a daily bases to grow in him and to reach out to all that are hurting so they can find the love and peace that is there in His arms.

So who are you? Are you a child of God, or are you walking alone in the world? Reach out God is there and fill you and ready to shower you with the love that is so perfect that it will fill you and begin to heal the wounds and scars that are so deep we don't even speak about them, because we just cannot stand that pain! Reach out and take the hand of God and find the peace, comfort, and love that you are longing for in this world, which can not be found in the world, only from the Heavenly Father.

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