Friday, July 24, 2009


It is amazing to me how inAmerica we place our elderly, grandparents, parents and other family members into a nursing home and then walk away. How is it that we love and cherish our families yet as we age and they age or a stroke happens that we somehow let go of them and our emotional ties as well. That we place them there to be taken care of because we are not capable of doing it at home then justify to ourselves that we dont need to visit, because they are ok and have there needs met. HOW SAD!!! What about their needs to see family, brothers, sisters, someone in the family, is it really that had to visit them? Is it the setting that scares you. Yes elderly die in the nursing homes, but they are not all on deaths door. Many live for many, many years there before coming even close to death. What is worse is when we place young people there because their is no other option for their care, and never visit because life is too busy. Yet prior to their moving the the nursing home environment the family and friends would find the time to call and visit, so why does the relationship change when the walls that surround them changes?

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