Monday, November 9, 2009

The Kingdom.

Last Sunday the sermon at Church was about the Kingdom of God. It was a great service with the Bible references and how it all comes together. yet I still wonder what is the exact definitation of the Kingdom of God. Is it complex or am I lokking too deeply into what I heard and now wondering what is the correct answer. I have some notes from service but seem to misplaced them in a day..LOL that is because my heart and mind have been elsewhere lately. Now that I am trying to focus on the Godly things I somehow became lost in though in the service and missed alot of the key points that the Pastor was trying to tell the congeration. Is the definitation of the Lord's Kingdom influenced by the religion that one follows, and those beliefs that we hold so dear to our hearts? Is it the same for Baptist as it is for the Catholics or any other religion that is out there that believes in God? OR is it all based on the personal relationship that we are to have with the Savior who knows us better then we know ourselves?

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