Thursday, November 12, 2009

She's Still Dying?

One of my residents at the nursing home is in the very active process of dying. Her body is shutting down and she is unresponsive for the most part, yet will moan in pain when we reposition her. She is on hospice and medications are given around the clock for agitation and pain. Yes, they indeed get agitated when they are dying, jerky movement and restless at times. The medication does help them relax. The pain medication helps with their breathing along with any pain that they may be having during this time period. She is comfortable as we can possible make her at this point in her life when she is waiting to go meet Jesus. She was often talking to him and calling out to Jesus before she went unconscious. Now she waits for Jesus to come and take her home. The hospice nurse come in and baths her and watches over her care and check her progress daily, since she is in the end stage now. They are wonderful and I am thankful for them. The hospice nurse and volunteers will sit with her for a time and talk to her, hold her hand, caress her when the staff is busy during the day tending to other residents needs. Then at night the nurses and aides tend to her, turning her every 2 hours, keeping her dry and comfortable during the shift. Talking to her, doing oral care, and brushing her hair during the shift. Her sister who also lives in the building will come up and sit with her for a little bit then return to her room on the other floor, on another wing in the large facility where they are residing. Her sister will visit daily, and will stop prior to dinner then retire to her own space at the end of the night. It is interesting though that the niece who is so concerned about her care when she was active has not been in to really see her. Rather, call and check on her vitals....what is her BP, is she close to going? If so I will come in to be there? What is up with that? Why not seee her now? Talk to her, comfort her! Tell her storied, bear your soul, tell her of your love for her and that it is ok to go to Jesus! Oddly a lot of people have to be told it is ok to go to Jesus, they will hang on until they receive permission from the right soul, or they are waiting for someone to come to see them before they go up to meet Jesus. So yes, she is still activily dying and I know it has been a week, but God takes them in his timing and not in ours. Also we all go slightly different. We all die essentially the same way with the body shutting down, but how long and when we go is up to God, our will to hang on and when it is our turn and we are ready we will leave peacefully and go to Jesus, not before that time!

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