Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nutrition Meeting

This am I headed to the gym for the first nutritional meeting. Well, being a Nurse I do know some of the concepts of nutrition since i have to teach them to my patients. Now I don't have anywhere the knowledge of a Nutritionist or a Dietitian. But I was blown away by the meeting. She told me I am not eating nearly enough that we need to eat every 4 hours to keep the metabolism and the body functioning. I was like I am not even hungry that often let alone eat all that she wants me to in a setting. Then she told me that I am boarder line starving myself, and I am like have you seen me I am not underweight ok? I may not be obese but I am not starving! I am lacking a lot of protien in the diet and you are to eat a lot of protien during the day to keep you full? What I thought that is what the Fiber was for, fiber keeps you fuller longer, so protein does the same thing? Well, she gave me a eating plan with some reccommendation like Kashi, that tastes like dirt, or at least the one that I tried did! I am not eating twigs and pebbles, No I won't, It is nasty! Then on top of it all the 100 calorie groanola bars that I just bout a hugh box of a week ago are not good for me? They are granola, oh wait they have chocolate on them, but that is bad? I need to have Chocolate in my diet it is a MUST!!!! Rather I am to eat some Luna bars, Kashi bars (the twigs again!!!) and a few others, I mean seriously why does the healthy stuff have to taste so bad! It should be eatible and not taste like dirt or rocks. Also how many almonds and string cheese can one person eat? With all that string cheese that she has me eating with the almonds, I am sure to be bound up for a while even with the IBS!!! Wait that may be a good thing, oh no then the severe constipation that comes with it and the sharp pains, naw give me the diarrhea and lets just run & get it over with already! Hmmm so now we venture into this new eating plan on Wednesday, along with seeing the IBS MD, we will see what he has to say about all this mess, my luck he will agree and then I am doomed! I am sure that it will be an adventure of new eating patterns. I want my brownies and Chocolate Chip Cookies too, can't we compromise? Seriously?!!!!!!

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