Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little People...

One of my passsion was caring for children, hence I was in early childhood for over 14 years before becoming a nurse. One of things as a early childhood teacher that me and my staff had to do was come to know each child as an individual. What inspired them, what their dreams were, fears, what they loved to do in the classroom and on the playground so we could expand their horizons. We took this time with the children to help them expand their horizons, build on their knowleged and expose them to more things in thier world and teach them about the world that they are living in day after day.

My staff and I would sit and talk with each child, interact with them on a professional level as well as on a personal level so we could reach into the core of thier being and help them along the learning process. We could do this by teaching them on theor level, building on their knowledge. Alowing them to guide us in the path of the school year. Where were their interests, and how can we  that interests into our daily lesson plans. We talked to parents to see how the children were doing at home along with doing home visits twice a year. Theses home visits were critical to some of the childrens development. If we know the childs environment then we can reach the child, by knowing what they are going home to each night and all weekend.

One thing that many, many parents do not realize is that little ears though out of sight are not always out of hearing range. They may be playing there in the other room but they know what is going on in their homes. They listen and pay attention to the adults in their lives. Their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, older and younger. 

The children walk into Preschool or a 2 year old classroom ready to play and explore their world. Yet, it is in this play that we often learn much about the child's world and their environment as well. We know if there is fighting in the home, your child acts it out for us in housekeeping. We hear conservations that we could rather not hear at times, becasue the children act them out as well in play. We listen ad pay attention to your child at all times. We ar there to help your child grow and expand your horizons. We know if you do not like the aides in the classroom, as one child who got made because she put them in time out for an innappropate behavior, they in turn stated your comments about the aide. This is inappropriate, not for you to talk about staff, but tto talk about them in front of the child, they have to listen and respect all adults in the classroom at all times. Rather talk to the teacher about the staff, and come to an agreement. This will make the learning environment for the child better then having your child disrespect staff and not focusing on learning.

One of the other biggest issues is when we ask parents to tell us about their child, they their answer is they are happy go lucky. They like anything! What does this tell us as professionals? Nothing! Are you as a parent listening to your child? Are you paying attention to where your childs interests are or are you just there to feed and displine them if they do something wrong? By paying attention to your child you know who your child is and what they are striving to learn, imagine, and want to be in this big vast world that they are living in and are relying on you to guide their little foot steps. But how do you guide and direct if you do know the interests of your child or children, are you guessing that they will enjoy one playground better then others because there is more children there or brighter colors? Or are you taking the child to the a particular playground because it is the one they requested, there is something there a piece of equipment there that excites them and stimulates their mind and gets them thinking while they play.

Take the time to know your children when they are small, it is then that they are true blessings to you as parents, as even as they grow and develop new interests encourage your children in those areas. Please dont push them in a direction that is not right for them because you think it is right for them. Talk to them, really get to know them and love them as the unique little people that they are in this world.

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