Wednesday, February 3, 2010


One of the thing that we all take for granted and do not think about that is essence to our existence is our breathing. Our breathing is the essence of our life, yet it goes unnoticed because it is automatic and natural to breath. We breath anywhere from 12 to 20 times a min, now this may very become faster or slower depending on the activity or sleep, yet we are still breathing. It is often taking for granted unless you have a problem with breathing, such as COPD, Asthma, Chronic bronchitis or other conditions that we can develop that will effect out breathing. 

Breathing, what an awesome concept, something that we have to do to exist, because when all breathing stops it is then that life is non-existent. Our body's stops functions, and we die. Breathing is vital, yet as Christians are we breathing in the air that God seeks up to breath? Are we taking in all that we can from Him. Are we longing for that closeness with the Father, that we are so close that we feel that Heavenly breath on our cheek. So close to God in worship that we sense his presence, that you can almost hear Him breathing His holiness into and on you making you so clean in Him that you long to stand in His presence daily, or as often as we possibly can without lacking in our daily duties.

Are we longing for that Breath of God on our cheeks, are we looking to hear that voice of God, that only comes from being in His presence. Is there times when we want to hear and feel that breath of God, to be so close to him as you were at one time but now, well, to tell the truth that breath of Heaven has been missing.
That breathing that you are longing for it is your soul longing for you to reconnect with the God that knows you and wants you to know in on that intimate level. So close that you feel God's breath on your face. Your soul is longing for that one place where you are so connected with the Lord, your one true Father, that you soul is pushing you, but are you listening to your soul? Are you listening to God, he is calling you to fellowship with you. He is there in the times of need, yet you have to let Him in and let Him hold you. Connecting with God, is so vital as breathing is to existence on this earth.

We breath in and out daily, and with this breath we are living the lives that we chose, we walk along the path that is ahead of us, without a second thought. We walk this path and what we chose to do along this path of life is up to us, yet our total existence is from dust that was breathed into life. That first breath of man was from God. God placed that breath into him, and to this day we are still breathing because God has given us that breath. Yet, we walk along that path of life and ignore God, or say that there is no god. If there is no God then how is that man was created by God, and breathed life into us. We live and breath daily to be in the presence of God, to have that fellowship with God. If we chose we can stand in the breath of God, and feel that holiness, and feel that longing of the soul to commune with God, the heavenly Father. Only God knows when our last breath will be, and is it then that we want to find God? Or do fellowship with Him now and feel that Breath of heaven. God's breath is in us, if we chose to breath with Him and find that true longing of our souls.

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