Saturday, February 20, 2010

10 Minutes

Ten minutes is really not very long, yet it is a time frame that we often use. Just 10 more minutes then I will get up. In ten minutes we will have to leave or we will be late. We often wait to see a physician, sometimes ten minutes if we are lucky and they are running on time, or it could be up to hour. Ten minutes to shower. It is amazing to think how much we can get done in a day within a ten minute time frame at work or at home. We can study  for an hour then take a ten minute break and come back to the books and feel totally refreshed and ready to learn again.

What would happen if we took ten minutes a day to pray, read the Bible or praise God? It is amazing to hear that everyone is so busy, that they just don't have time for religion or for a relationship with God. What if we all started with ten minutes. They they say where do I find that kind of time. I have work, kids, social life, a husband chores etc.... The list goes on and on, why we don't have the time to spend with God; other then Sunday mornings if we don't oversleep or have other plans for the day that interfere with going to church.

What if we found time when we drank our morning coffee to read one chapter of the Bible and say a quiet prayer. What if by starting to pray  and read for that little of time a day would change your life. Yeah, right ten minutes can change your life? Yes, it can it is an amazing thing that can happen in that little of time. Our spirituality can grow, we build a real relationship in ten minutes a day then a longing to spend more time with God may develop, but it all starts with finding that first ten minutes. Those few precious moments, where you find an inner peace, a love so strong and true that you will wonder how you existed without it. In those ten little minutes your mind transforms and you become more conscious of how and what you say to others.  By taking that little of time each day you may find that your self concept and self esteem go up, because you are perfect in God's eyes. You are not too fat, too thin, but a beautiful creation that was formed in the womb and have grown into a wonderful person. That God's idea of who you are in Him becomes part of you. You begin to see yourself in a whole new light. You see your self though God's eyes.

What if ten minutes a day would change your life? Would you give God ten minutes to show you how real He is to you. In ten minutes you can change your life, if you are willing to give those ten minutes or so to God!

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  1. Amen! Seems as though we have ALL the time in the world to do everything else...however, we need to set time aside for God..even if it's 10 minutes of our day...that is a start. Thanks for the reminder. God bless you in Jesus name.


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