Friday, March 5, 2010

Where are you ?

Have you seen the commercials for the Catholic Church lately, it is telling the Catholics to come home, come back to your roots and finds that connection with God once again.  So it made me wonder, how often and why people may leave their first faith and pursue another "religion". Why do we move from our roots of faith? Is it a move that is acted upon because we are no longer being fed in the church that we attend; a mishap in the church that leads to a church split; do we follow in another way because of a spouse or boyfriend; or are we just questioning how and why we believe. What stirs in us at one point that we start looking for God in a new manner?

One interesting post online read, I came back to my Catholic faith because it is where the origins of Christianity lie, and other religions seems to put their pastors on a pedestal. That when one is in the Catholic church the priest are to live a holy life, and life as a papal has allowed them to be seem in a different manner then other pastors and members of the church.  Yet, growing up in a religion that was not Catholic, I am not sure that I saw them as all holy, and worthy of placement on a pedestal to be worshiped.  I would look to the pastor of my church as man of God that I could trust with inner struggles of the spiritual nature. Someone that I could turn to in time of trouble or needed Godly counsel and care. They were men of God that were there in the church to help you grow in your faith and walk with God. They never wanted to be worshiped from afar because they were they head of the church.

Yet, I know others who are in religions that just attend church for the kids, for the spouse, family reasons, not becasue they are there to connect with the Holy Father that cares for them, and loves them dearly. They are there for other reasons. It is sad to hear them talk at times, " we went to church, and I was bored to tears, I am not sure why I even bother anymore."  Wow, what a powerful and sad statement! That they are not seeking God in his house, not paying attention to His word while in Pastor or Priest talks. God, could have laid something in the heart of these men who give the mass or preach on Sunday morning to reach out to you, but by closing the door before you walk though it, doesn't give God a whole lot to work with on Sunday Morning.

At what point does Church become another thing that we have to do during the week? When do we make the time for God? How do we know where God wants us, if we are questioning our faith if we do not allow him to talk to us on Sunday, or any other day of the week. Do we seek Godly counsel, talk to other pastors and priest and find were we fit in the religious sector, or do you wonder aimlessly?  Do we start with one religion, and walk with God, the move to another because we question the church and what we believe, or are we all running from God and His love?

As we walk in the Christian Faith, the spirit of discernment will tell you if you need to be in a church or not. Listen to God, ask him for guidance, learn about the other faiths, and find God where you are comfortable in the church and the people of the church. Find where your heart leads you to God, where you can grow in the Faith and in Jesus, and that is where you will find all that you are seeking. If you seek God out he will find you where you are and guide you where you need to be, and help you as you walk with him.

We all need to find that place in the religious sector where we all fit. It could be Catholic, Lutheran or any other sector, but if we find that place, we need to sit, and listen to God, and then grow in him.

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