Tuesday, February 9, 2010

6 Qualities of a Christian Friend.......

Lately, I have thinking a lot about friendships, and those friends that you develop in the church. How these friends are slightly different then the other friends that you have in your life. They have and share different qualities then those who you go shopping with, or an occasional lunch. But what make the "Christian Friends" different........

1. Trust: One of the keys of a true christian friendship is the element of  trust.  This is a trust in the other person that your deep secrets, hurts etc. will stay with that soul; they are not going to go around the church or the community that you are a part of and tell all your issues.  They are able to confide their soul to one another, and know that they are safe in sharing those things with them. Trust is where the true friendship is based, it is from here that the friendship will be able to grow. They are able to talk about their feelings with each other, they talk about sensitive issues without horrible judgment. They are there for you to talk and know that your soul is safe for the sharing. .

2. Time: What a key concept in today's society where we are all rushed and thngs needed to be done 5 minutes ago or yesterday.  Christian friends take the time to be with you, talk to you and not watch the clock when you are together. Time is vital to the growth, you have to spend time with each other to get to know one another.

3. Forgiveness: Christian friends are able to forgive each other for the little things in life. When something happens and they can't make it to lunch or for an outing. They forgive each other without holding a grudge!  They may get on your "nerves" at times, but you are able to forgive them because of the nature of your friendship and where it is based.  They
respect one another as people but also in the matters of life and through any disagreements.

4. Love and Care: In a true christian relationship the individuals truly love and care about the friendship. They are there in times of need, if it is a phone call or a hug they are able to show their concern for the other individual. They take the time to talk to them, to be with them without looking for anything in return. They are not there because you have tickets to the big game, rather they are there hanging out with you because of who you are when you are together.  They are around it times of trouble, and in times of joy. They cry with you, laugh with you and share the Word of God, pray with you when you need to have a touch from the Heavenly Father.  God will often bring you a friend in a time of need and have that friendship develop for specific reasons, it could be that you have a gift that they need in their life, the gift of friendship, music, strong prayer, a good listener, etc.

5. Mentor: christian friends can and often mentor each other at different points of the friendship. They are able to guide them because they may have been through a similar situation, and understand what the other one is going through. They can be trused when it comes to advice.

6.Acceptance: A christian friend accepts you for who you are, and the person that you are now, now who you will be in a few years or months. They love you for you, they are there because of the person you are and they don't exploit your faults. Rather rejoice with with you on your accomplishments. They walk with you when there are failures, but they are still there and accept you if you fail or succeed.

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