Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quiet Friends

Some of us have friends that are quiet, reserved in nature they are the ones that we often turn to in a time of need. They are often called great listeners, because they tend to give you their full attention. They are ones that we feel safe to unload our burdens, we can bear our souls to and not have any true judgment. They are often known as  a true friend, one who is there through the thick and thin. One who you may not talk to in months, yet with a single phone call they are there at your side in your time of need.

Yet, one wonders, with all the friends that we have in life and the seasons that friends go through, at what point do we wonder about those who are truly quiet. What happened to then to make them quiet, are they shy by nature, afraid of being hurt. Is there pain in there soul that they are not able to share with anyone? Were they abused in the past, hurt by someone close to them. Did their friends all leave them in there time of need so they withdrew, and turned inward and look to themselves. Are they just quiet, because they are truly shy and reserved.

Are your quiet friends ones who pray for you without you knowing, are they there in times of need because they know what it is like to be alone. What would happened if we got close to one of those who are quiet. Took the time to get to know them, to find out that they are not really quiet as what we think truly are; rather they are just afraid to be close to those that they do not know because they are afraid to be close to you or anyone around them.  What if your quiet friends are true friends, they are the ones you turn to in times trouble. They are able to share with you, because they have been there, been through it in the past. 

Could your quiet friends be the true Christians? Ones who you always turn to in the past, and in the future. The ones that pray with you, sing glories to God when things turn around and joyous things are happening to you in your life. Could those friends, be ones with unspoken needs. Needs they are afraid to burden you with because there is so much going on in your world, they they just don't want to add to your worries. Are they the ones with a heart of Gold and are afraid to share because they have been hurt so many times that they are now guarded and afraid to get close to you or others. Are they afraid they won't fit into your group of friends if you knew the matters of their heart. If we took the time to get to know them one on one by having lunch in small setting and sharing all that they have in them, would they open up to you and trust you with the burdens, hurts and matters of the soul.  Take the time and get to really know the quiet ones in the group you may be surprised how much they have to say, and find a true heart of gold and a wonderful, caring soul hidden within them.

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