Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Draw me closer.....

One main theme that we hear in sermons, homilys, worship songs and hymns is draw me closer Lord, draw me to you and let me dwelll in your presence. Come unto the Lord, draw unto Him, and He will draw to you. Come read, worship, and praise the mighty Lord, and you will find love, peace and joy in your heart.

Yet, this is not the easiest thing for us to do, we all have sin in us and have sinned against God. Yes, all have sinned, this includes you and me, the pastor in the local church, the priest at the local catherdal, the nuns who are hidden there in the convent and the deacon in the office down the hall. They all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. This makes us all sinners. Yet, it is often hard to think that those we look to for our spiritual guidance, who work, live and breathe to forward the love and word of God have sinned.  Although, they are human too and have needs, wants, and friends amoung us who wonder the church. They are no differnet the the rest of us in the Christian community other then they are called to a different minstry then the rest of us. They have a deep calling to fellowship, work for the Lord. They are there to help us, guide us to God in ways that we are may not see on our own. They are an ever present source of help when we are in need, we call then and they see us, counsel us and love us as children of the Lord and never ask for anything in return, other then a thanks as we walk out the door. They are the spiritual leaders in our churches and they are our friend in need.

They are all human, along with you and I, and we all have one common calling in our daily lives, one of drawing nearer to God. We are all to draw unto him and He will come to us if we ask Him. We are his children and he is not going to stay away from us if we ask Him to come. We are to draw near to one another in our time of need and in times of joy.  There is to be no lone soliders in the game of life, We are to have fellowship with each other and with the priests, pastors, nuns, and deacons of the church.

By drawing near to God, we ar then allowing ourselves to be open to God and what He wants for us as His children. We are able to grow in our faith in the Lord, and walk in the grace of the ever present Father.  It is in the drawing near to God that we are able to reach out and let go of hidden hurts, grief, and pain, because we have the love of the Father there with us able and willing to comfort us. Along with the Heavenly Father, we have those in the church that we can draw near too to help us along the path that we are walking.

This drawing of the Father will also allow us to come clean with God, get rid of the hidden dirt, the sins that no one knows about other then you. The things we are too ashamed of to ever speak of, those things that are well hidden in the past. We are able to let go of them and be washed completly in the Blood of Jesus. His blood can and will clease us if we are willing to let go, confess them, and allow ourselves to be forgiven by the Father. He loves us and wants to be so close to us, if we allow Him to come and draw near to Him, ask Him and He will be there with you.

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