Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walking on the road.

We as Christians are followers of the Lord. We walk daily with Him and long to be in His presence. Yet, there are times that we all slip and fall, and may even walk away from the Lord. Yet, in the end when we return He is there to welcome us home with loving, open arms. We then find that ultimate love once again and start over with God.  We have to be open to the Father and His love to be able to walk, pray and grow in him. We also have to learn how to listen to God as we walk the road of life.

As we walk this road, we are to share the ;love of Christ with those who are around us. We are to have the Love of Christ with our family, neighbors, friends, people in the community, strangers, members of the church, the priest, the pastors and all that we can come into contact with daily, weekly and monthly. We are to inspire those who are around us to want to walk with God, and if they are to walking with the Lord, then we want them to walk closer, deeper relationship with the Heavenly Father. We are there to lead others in there walk, and to be lead by others as well. To be open to teaching and talking about the Lord with others, along with having a open spirit to learn about God from others. We are to have that communion with God, and woth those in our lives.

We are to pray, and listen in prayer. We as Christians are called to pray, to interceed daily for those needs, and people in our lives. We need to pray, and a part of prayer is being still in God. Something that is very hard for many people. To take that time to listen, be still and sit in God's presence and allow him to minster to us as His children.  It is so important to listen and sit quietly in prayer, yet we are so distracted in todays society with TV, sports, cell phones, email and work that we often list the petitions to God and say Amen! I can see God, sitting on there on the couch, going to say something, yet we say bye and walk out the door before we allow Him to speak to us. I heard a perfect example to this, we walk into the MD office and sit down, then The doctor come in and we say hello, and list all out complaints and worries to him, when we are done we say bye and leave. We didn't give him a chance to speak, and he stops you at the door and says, so you want to hear what I have to say? One other thing we all should do when we take the time to pray is to lift up the spiritual leaders in our lives. To pray for the priests, the pastors, the nun's who are in the convent and teaching in the school or working out in the community. They too need our prayers, they face some giants in life that we as lay people may never face. They fight for us in the spiritual realm, and we are thankful for them in our lives, so lets remember them in prayer as well.

As we continue down this road we are to take the time to become part of the church. I know that many are members of the church, but are you there in church or is it that you are just going through the motions. Er are to listen to the homilys, the sermons that are presented on Sunday morning. They are given to help us walk that road with God. They are there to help us when we come to the stumbling block, to give you the tools to use to keep on the straight and narrow path.  Are we singing the songs with our hearts or just our heads? Are you there wondering about lunch, who is calling as you hear the cell phone vibrate, or what the afternoon holds, and wow this is a long sermon! Are you just there waiting to see what happens, or are you drawing near to God, focusuing on him for that hour or 45 minutes once a week. Can we give God our full attention for that short time to God and learn more about Him, or are we so distracted that we lose the purpose of why we attend mass or church.

We are to go to one another or to the priest, pastor or maybe a deacon and cofess the sins that we have in our hearts. We are to go to them to help us in admitting our wrongs against Christ, and by doing this big step in faith we are taking the stronghold over that sin. We go to the priest and the pastors to help us in gaining forgiveness form God, so that we no longer continue to sin in that manner.

As we walk the road and follow after the Lord, we begin to grow and mature in Him. Those old desires to son become less frequent, we have to the tools to say no and to walk away from that sin. We are able to be secure in the Lord, because of His blood and His love for us as His Children.

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