Sunday, October 17, 2010


In Sundays service there was an awesome message for all Christians of today. One of leaning on others. Not only leaning on them but then being there for them at tier time of need and allowing them to lean on you. We as people all need someone that we are able to rely on in times of need, it can be friends, family, our priest, the pastor of the church or another soul that we feel feel close to or have bonded with at some point in our lives.  We look to them for support, love, a caring touch, a hug in those moments that we just need a friend. We lean on people and may not realize that we are leaning on them at all, since as friendship and family draw near it is natural to turn to them during this point. Yet, this is a very hard thing for some to do, leaning on others is not a natural thing. It is something that needs to be encouraged, and supported as being ok.

Some of our family, friends have hurt us and scorned us to the point that we are afraid to turn to others in those times. In fear that they will run from us, or worse let us fall in the process and then we hit the floor cause the one we were trying to lean on doesn't want to be leaned on or can't help us at the time of our need. It may not be that they don't want too, but rather they don't have what we need from them at that particular moment.

But there is one that we are always able to lean on at any moment, no matter what the time or situation. There is one that will always love us, hold us in our time of need, one that says give me all your burdens and let me carry them for you. We all have the ability to reach out to Him if we are willing. Our Heavenly Father is always there ready and waiting for us with open arms. He loves us so much and hates to see us hurting, so much so that he sees and knows every tear that we have cried since our birth. He understands what we are going through and says come to me my dear child, come and be comforted.

Our Heavenly Father is there, waiting and willing to listen anytime. He loves and care about us more then we can ever imagine. He is there in our times of need, and in our times of joy. He is there when we need to lean on others, He is there so we can lean on Him , and He can bring the right person to you so you can lean on them during that time. He can provide another person in that time to hug you and say it's okay, I understand, I am here if you need me.  The Father provides priests, pastors in our lives when we need that help, and may need someone to talk to if we need to go that route. He provides Priests and Pastors who care for us, that love us as God's children, who are willing to talk to us and help guide us along the path that ewe are walking.

Ultimately, God wants us to lean on Him, and walk with Him. He is always there! He will never leave us nor forsake us, we are His children! He loves and cares for us, so go ahead and lean on God, He is there waiting for you!

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