Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Father.

This last weekend I had the privilege to attend a very moving seminar, and during that seminar one of the topics was our Father. Who is our father, who is that man that we call dad. What kind of father was he when we were growing up. Our dad is someone who we look to in times of trouble, one we can always turn to when we are scared, hungry, need shelter, or love.  Being a father is a privilege that many men have and take for granted. There is no one that can ever replace that man in our lives that we call Daddy!

Yet, what kind of father did we grow up with, who was he to us as children. Did dad come to all your games, read to you, tuck you in at night and kiss you then turn out the light.  Dad is the one we wanted when the monster in the closet were stirring, or we swore we heard something under the bed or there in the window. He came to us as children, put our minds at ease, let us know that there was nothing to worry about that he would not let them get us or scare us that he was there and would protect us because we were his child.

I know that all dad's are not this way, there are many types of father's in the world, but in the end we all love our dad and who he is in our lives. The type of father we have though and how we see our father here on earth can play a role in how we look at our Heavenly father.  That image of God the Father is one that so many today struggle with because of the past that they have with there father here on earth.

Our Father is one that loves us beyond comprehension. His love never fails, it is never taken away from us because we are his children. We are always to be secure in the love of our Father because there is nothing that separate us from that love. We don't have to earn the love of the Heaven Father by doing or not doing something. He loves us always no matter what we do, He is always forgiving and standing there with open arm waiting for us to run into His loving arms.  He loves you just the way you are, you are His Child and you are perfect in his eyes. We are created in His image and we are loved by Him without strings attached to that love.

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