Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Joy with God.

Have you ever wondered what stole your joy? Why is going to mass or church on Sunday morning a chore. What happened to the day that we all looked forward to going to the house of the Lord. Do you give God full attention on Sunday or do you wonder how long the sermon will be because you are so looking forward to lunch. Is there a moment that we are there with God, in His house and at that moment are we truly present in His Spirit or are we blocking God with all that we are right now.

What is hindering you from going into the fullness of God. What obstacles are in our way from really focusing on God and being in His presence. Some would say we that there is a flaw in ones character, that we are not worthy of God, but that too is a lie. We all are children of the loving heavenly Father, and we became worthy of Him the moment we accepted Christ into our lives, and became forgiven of all sins and wrongs that we have committed against God. The Father in heaven is a wonderous God, who forgives and forgets all those wrongs and sees you as a child of His that he loves dearly, We are able to go to the Father through the cross and the fact that Jesus was that perfect lamb. That love that he has for us is never ceasing but always flowing out to all of His children. We are worthy, and loved beyond what we can ever understand.

With that kind of love and forgiveness at hand, what prevents us from truly going to the Father? That is simple it is ourselves. We are the ones that feel that we are not able to commune with the heavenly Father, yet in reality He is there ready and waitng for you to take a seat at His table daily. He wants to talk to you about matters of the heart and your day, no matter how good or bad. He is there wanting to spend time with you to develop that deep friendship with you, there are no grudges or bad in your past, rather He sees you as a clean child of His because of Jesus! He is there and the joy of being with him. If we are open to Him we will be able to see and feel that joy and love of the Heavenly Father. So where did that joy go, it never left, we just decided not to part take of it. Open your eyes, and heart to the Lord and you will once again find that joy!

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