Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trash on the Side of the Road

Have you ever been driving along the road  and noticed some odd things lying there next to the highway. A baby's toy, a teddy bear, buff for the bath, or one black glove scattered along the side of the road. Have you wondered what had to transpire at that exact moment that could cause something to be tossed out of the moving car and left for the animals? Or what was the purpose of tossing these things now rather then when they arrived at the desitation. Yet, some may say that a young child in the back seat of the car was playing and it was an opps, and by the time that the parents noticed it was too late to go back or stop the car!

Yet, we can apply the same ideas to our lives. Some say that we all have baggage, from past relationships or wounds that won't heal, scars that are so deep that we refuse to talk to anyone about them. Then when we finally get the nerve to speak to a person about the scars or wounds or baggage, we get pushed aside by that one person who we wanted to share and asked to talk to another. Or they are not availabe and when you call them again they are so busy that tthey just don't have the time to chat with you at that moment or anytime soon. So we take that rejection as another wound, another scar to add to the collection.

Although, we never really get the nerve up to ask the vital question or we lose the courage to share that wound that we so needed healing. We take it as we are not good enough or the fact that they are just too busy with oher to really take the time to spend it with us, after all are we really that important to them or are we just another friend, who needs something from them once again.

Yet,  we try to talk to others, but sometime our heart needs to bear our wounds to one specific person. That one that we feel safe bearing our soul too. It is not that they don't care or want to help you rather it could be they are simply following God's orders. Maybe God had place you on their heart and they know that the other person is the one that will be able to relate to you better in what you need to share. It could be that God wants you to open up to more then one person, so that you and they can grow together and develop a freindship with each other and with the Father in heaven.

It is possible that the individual that you are wanting to bear your soul to is just not the right person and God is preventing heartach in you by trying to guide you to another soul that can walk with you and help you heal. God, knows who is the person that you need to reach out to even if it is awakward at the moment, but their is a reason for all that He does in your life. God gives you people in your life for a reason. Some are there to comfort, some are there to listen, some will help guide, and others are just there for a shoulder to cry on when we need to let go of the pain and scars in our life. Never second guess a man or woman of God, if they are redirecting you to another person there is a reason, and it is not personal. They are listening to what God is telling them, but the question becomes are you ready to hear what God says about the wounds, scars, baggage and all the pain that you hold so dear to your heart. Are you ready to let go if God puts the right people in your path to help you deal with matters of the heart, or do you run beacuse it is not who you wanted to bear your soul to today?

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