Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lonely Cell

It is amazing to think that we are made up of hundreds of cells that separate, divide and grow on a daily basis. To think that there are so many types of cells that we are made up of we have cells that are in our lungs, and different cells in our kidneys. The kidney cells are not going to tired of being a kidney cell and decide one day to take off and become a heart cell or any other cell in our body. No they are content and functioning in our body doing their job as a specific type of cell and never question their purpose.

We have so many specialized typed of cell as any nurse, doctor or microbiologist could tell you about, granted some may tell you more then others, but all know that each cell in the body has a specific purpose. They move, grow, divide and yet we are not aware of their movement within us. Like the blood, it flows throughout our veins, arteries and to and from the heart and lungs. There is constant movement, to ensure that all our vital and non-vital organs get the proper nutrients that are delivered via the blood stream so that they too can continue to function properly. We are constantly producing new cells all the time, and  yet they all know what to know and when to do their job.

Inside each of these cells lies the instruction for life. In these cells is the DNA that tells your cells what to do and what type of cell that they are but more amazingly is the concept that this DNA is what make you unique and different from me.Even more amazing is that simple fact is more amazing is that all these cells that reside within each of us and there is not a problem. They all flow together through the body without difficulty.

It is a simple wonder that we function as we do with all the chemical reactions reactions that are occurring at any moment and cells that are flowing that we are simply unaware to the whole thing. That we are created in such a way and in such a manner that we are unaware of these things so we can focus our energy on other things, such as food, water, shelter, warmth, love and joy. That when we were created in the womb in the image of the Father that we were to live our lives so that we could show others His love, His warmth, His food, and His water with others.

God created us in His image and gave us to one another so because it was not good for man or woman to be alone. Yet, there seems to be an over abundance of loneliness in the world today. Where there are people who can feel all alone in a crowed room. They may have conservations with you or with others, but within themselves they are alone, lost and they feel a chill in the room. There is an loneliness that is within our society and around us all the time that we just do not see or care to see in others, because we fell that they have it all together with the perfect life.

Inside they are searching, looking and only finding that emptiness within them. They are not able to see the love of the Father that is never ending. That there are people around them that want to know them and about them because they have a hard time reaching out to others. They may want to hug you or anther and just cannot seem to connect enough with the other person so they withdrew and go back to standing by the punch bowl at the edge of the room. It is here that they are not able to draw attention to themselves, yet all they want to do is scream look at me, listen to me, do you even see me here, do I matter?

To think all it would take is a little time to talk to them, draw them into a real conversation, and not about the weather, but a real conversation about themselves to help that loneliness to start to fade. Time for them to express a part of themselves to know that they actually matter to those around them, but more importantly that they are available for them to call or email or text if they need or want to talk. Not that we have to be available every moment of the day, but rather taking the time to return a call and talk to them from the heart. Time to share your thoughts, and feeling with them and really listen to what that soul is telling you. Allowing them to share their thoughts and feelings with you without any judgment, rather showing them the love of Christ and His warmth.

What if we all took the time to reach out to others to show them that Jesus loves them, His warmth and care is there all round them through us. That by reaching out and simply have a small conservation  not about the weather but a real topic where we can reach out to another person. A talk where we share a small piece of ourselves with another that we may not know that well, and take the time to find out about them as well. Where we share our thoughts and some of our feelings with another person, who is looking and seeking someone to care. By taking that first step we are there combating their loneliness. A touch on the hand, a smile, or a hug, can help a person who is struggling and feeling all alone in a very crowded room, where they just want someone to say I care!

By reaching out and taking small steps with one another we are able to show the Love that Christ has for all of us, not just certain people but all who are called His sons and daughters. We are to show the love and the warmth of the Father with all who we met not when it is convenient for us. As a Christian we are to reach out to all people, those who are hurting, but those who long for a friend as well. One of the greatest thing you can give to another is time and a piece of yourself to them. That is the start of friendship that will develop and grow with the Love of the Lord. Reach out to those who are lonely, you may find a true friend and find your relationship with the Lord grow as well, as you reach out to your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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