Monday, January 10, 2011

Healing After the Rage!

In the news over the last weekend there is a story about a senseless crime, a horrible shooting where several people died, or are still in the hospital and are in critical condition. It is a something that tends to draw a crowd, when a senator goes out into public to talk to the people that they are to represent. It is in a sense a part of their job to meet with the community. Yet, on this particular day there is an event that occurs that draws the people of the community and nation together once again. It is then that the community draws near to support those in need, those who are grieving and to try and understand what has just happened in the area and why.

The individual that is in custody is now behind bars and awaiting arraignment, yet that does not heal the hurt, the pain that the individual has caused to so many families. We look for answers in the clues that the individual has left in the area, home, work place, friends and family. The community and the families that are directly affected are looking for the answers, and there are none at this time. So that may leave us with a sense of void, feeling violated within our own town. Now we look for healing and something to pull us together as a community and help build that trust in one another again.

So where do we start, what do we do as a community to support one another and help each other through the horrible event that has just occurred to us? The people of the community start by pulling together and drawing on their faith. They seek out answers and look for reasons that may or may not be there, but that pain that all that has happened is still there in our hearts. We look for inner healing and peace to return to us and those who are around us.

As a community we turn to our faith in God, we look to Him for answers, for understanding, peace and love to return to all of those who effected. Yet, why would God allow all this to happen? It is not that He allowed it to happen, since we all have free will but rather, we are in a war daily and on that day the battle came and reared it ugly head.

One way we do this is by devoting some time each day to God. Time in prayer, reading the Bible, and finding His inner peace and love to comfort us in this urgent time of need. We look to God for comfort that cannot be found in other things or places. By seeking out the Heavenly Father, He is there, He comes to us in our time of need if we are willing to reach out to Him.

The heavenly Father is there to wipe the tears of the heart, bring comfort, and even joy in the morning when the storm has settled and we start to pick up the pieces of life. He is there to help us trust others in the community once again.

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  1. I just hope that we can put aside politcal differences long enough to unite in prayer and realize that God is able to give "beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning..." He is the only one who can restore and heal after this horrible tragedy.


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