Monday, February 28, 2011

Ground Control

There is something to be said for being grounded; when we are young it was something that we often hated the thought of, because we saw it as a horrible punishment. Yet as an adult we wouldn't mind being grounded. It would be lovely to have that freedom from all the chaos that surrounds us on a daily basis. A time to sit back and reflect not only on the day, but also what is to come that evening home. A quiet dinner, time to play with our children, time to spend talking and enjoying the company of the spouse. It is a time where we able to find balance, when we take the time to stop and reflect on all that has happened around us, to us and in our community.

It is a time when we are able to slow down, and really see what is happening. This is a time when we are able to focus on what is really important to us and to our family. It can be a time when we stop focusing on the little things and start to see the bigger picture. In the quietness of life is when we can come to God with the hassles of the daily commitments and stress that often follows us throughout the day. It is in that quiet moment we can draw to God, and sit in His presence and really absorb what He wants to us. He is there reaching out, in the quiet time of prayer and relaxation. He is able to reach us when we are not looking, by sending a person to comfort, love, or simply spend some time with us.

God is there, even when we cannot see Him working on our behalf, He is there. He listens to each and every prayer; he sees all the tears, knows our fears and is willing to come to us as His children in the matter of a single heartbeat. God is there sitting in the chair of Ground Control, waiting for you to ask for His guidance, His help, His love, His comfort. He has the angels there waiting and ready to assist and guide the plane, the car or just give us direction during the day. He can help give us the words to say to a co worker that is hurting but is too ashamed to share, or have us hug someone we know cause they are feeling that no one really cares. He is there to help us walk the Christian walk, so that we are able to show His love to those that are there around us. God is able to show us things in prayer, dreams that will allow us to help a stranger in need or a distant family member who is missing someone at that moment. God is willing to help, guide and walk with us through this life so we are not alone. He is always near, because we are told in His Word that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

God is there in the ground control chair, just waiting for your prayer, your cry for help, your praise, and your concerns of the day. He has the means to help you make it through the day that seems to never end. He is there when the bosses are yelling and there is nothing you can do but nod. Yet, it is then that you feel so low, and unworthy of all things that you would rather hide under the desk then to have to face the world. It is hard to face all that the world is throwing at you with all that you have to be to so many people. All that you have to achieve daily to feel like you really made a difference. Yet, with God on your side you are able to walk with your head held high because you know He is in ultimate control, and you are safe there in His hands. We know as His children that we are loved and that our sense of worth is grounded in Heavenly thing and no one can take that from us, because we are children of the Heavenly Father, the King!

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