Sunday, February 27, 2011

Look Around at the World Outside Your Window

As we go through the daily bustle of life, we tend to move with purpose in all that we do. We have deadline to meet, places to be and no time to smell the roses along the way. We have to be somewhere now or in five minutes from now and we may already be late. We have kids to get up, prepare for school, tend to the house, get to work plan the meals, and then help the children with homework, let alone get them to all the activities that they want to participate in on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Sometime all we want in a week is the time to simply take a long hot bath and relax for ten whole minutes. Ten minutes when the phone is not ringing, no one is yelling through the door for you, and the doorbell is finally quiet for the night. We just want to be home, in the house and enjoy the family, the quiet and hide from all the other things that are happening in the world.

We are so caught up in all that we have to do and places that we have to be that we forget to notice the little things that are all around us on a daily basis that we take for granted. Like the beautiful park we used to enjoy walking through at sunset or that early morning run. We lose sight of the butterflies in the summer that flutter by with beauty that can only come from God and his color crayons. The birds, oh the birds and the whimsical of their songs that fill the silence of nature that is all around us. The birds that are so full of life and their coloring give brightness to the sky as they fly from one tree to another during the day, as their songs float among the leaves of the trees. We tend to lose sight of the squirrels and rabbits that play hide and seek through out the day among the pine trees.

We move so quickly that we stop noticing people that are always around, like they tend to fade into the nature, and become part of the background. When you drive to work you stop at the signs and obey all that traffic signal, yet we don't see the world as we pass it by. We miss all that is there among nature that is simply outside our window. We haven't seen the new flowers that were panted weeks ago because we are so busy and can't take the time to look around as we pass by, after all we do have that deadline to meet, and there people waiting for us. We have to keep moving forward, and keep going at such a pace that at the end of the day we fall into bed. When we land on that pillow we are asleep so fast we can't remember if we kissed our spouse good night.

Yet, life is not meant to be a rat race. We are not here to run ourselves so ragged and be so run down that we can't take the time to see the beauty that is all around us. We have to work, and have commitments, this is true but we also have a commitment to God as well. We are here to serve and follow after Him. We are here praise Him in all of His glory, after all he takes care of the birds, butterflies, the ducks in the ponds and all the animals that we find in nature. God is there watching us and wanting us to slow down, see His wondrous works that are there outside the window. Take the time to thank Him during the day for the gifts that he has given us each and every day. God is there with us during the rush, yet, all He wants is for you to reach out when you are feeling stressed by the daily things of life. It could be a simple quiet prayer in the car, a sigh at work when you talk to God and ask Him for the strength to make it though another rough day. God shows us that He is there with us daily and that we do not have to worry about the things to come, if we trust in Him. He will provide for us when we are not sure how we are going to make it though the day, week or month.

The Father is there waiting for you to reach out to Him so He can shower you with His love where ever you are and what ever you are doing and need to feel His presence around you. He is there if you ask He will come to you because you are His child and He does not want see you hurting. He knows the tears that you shed, the joy that you share with others. He is there with you in meeting at work, or in the rush hour traffic in the morning. He is there guiding you through the day if you reach out and take His hand as you go about the day. It is a little prayer or lengthy prayer where you pour your heart out, He is there listening to every word, He will never turn a deaf ear. God is simply a prayer away.

Just as God guides the birds wings of flight, the blooming of the flowers, the budding of the trees, He is there with us daily. God is there in the play of the rabbits, and the ducks on the pond, He provides for all their needs, how much more will He provide for His children who he loves. He takes care of all the animals and the plants, He is there for your needs as well, if you are willing to reach out to Him when you need to feel His touch, His Love, His guidance. He has placed all that we need at our footsteps, if we are willing to listen to His voice. God is there showing us so much through the nature that is there outside out window. God is near, reach out to Him and He will be there.


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