Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wonderous Snow!

Snow, it is an amazing thing that happens in winter.  It truly an amazing thing if you stop to think about it,  a water drop that has crystallized turns into a snowflake. Imagine a sing drop of water that is falling from the heaven that as it falls freezes and creates a flake so snow. Not only does it create a single snowflake but one that is unique from any other flake that is falling around it. One that will never be duplicated ever again. Snow is unique in that manner, yet it is amazing to think of the millions of snowflake designs that must exist for this to happen.

To think that each individual drop of water the falls turns into something new and unique to all the other flakes that are falling is amazing. That not only is the design it's own, but the shape and size of the flake as well. That even mother nature finds a way to make each and every flake unique and unto itself not like any other flake. That alone is a wonderment of nature.

Not only is it a wonderment of Nature but one of God as well. That he created the atmosphere that in such a way that when it snow this phenomenon of uniqueness will occur. It is something that is not able to be man made but something that truly comes from heaven. Snow is great, it is a lot of fun to play, and it allows adults to go out and play for a moment. It can allow you to  to get lost in the excitement once again as you build that snowman, snow fort, or snow angels. Not to mention the fun of ice skating in the snow, and the flakes falling all around as you gracefully glide across the ice rink. That snow that is falling and landing on ones tongue as you skate is simply priceless and that moment could not happen without the wonderment of snow.

Not only snow and all that it is a wonderment, but we as are as well. We are all unique like each little snowflake that falls from the sky. Like each one that falls and is created into a piece of art as it falls from the sky, so are each us us. We are like that art work that is not complete yet, and each day God works on us to bring us into His glory and guides us to be more like Him as each day. He is there shaping us and loving us for who we are in Him, as we walk and grow in Him each and every day. We are like the snowflake, that is on a journey to the perfect landing spot, we too are on that journey , except ours takes to a wonderful place called Heaven where we will reside with God and His angles.

Each one of us is a Child that belongs to God. We are all brothers and sisters who share one common Father and brother. We all belong to the Father in Heaven and he loves us as his Children otherwise He would not have sacrificed his son (our brother) Jesus so that we would be able to be washed of the sins of the world.  As we journey throughout our lives we are to strive to become more like Christ, to walk in Godly things here on earth. To show others that we too are all unique, but not only unique but we are all to be loved as God loves us. He is there waiting for us to reach out to Him, so that we too can be molded into something not of the world but of heavenly things.  We are like that snowflake that is on its journey to the earth. We all share one thing in common, that is to grow and love others as the Lord loves us.


  1. I am always in awe when witnessing God's handiwork in all of His creations. Snowflakes are one of my favorites as well.


  2. Nice article ~ me ~ I have had enuf! Bring on the sunshine ~ I am doing a sun dance, meditating on it, praying to God and praying to see more and more clearly in sunshine ~ thanks, hugs and namaste, cz:)


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