Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time to Share..

Have you ever received that phone call from a dear friend started with "you will never believe this" or "OH MY GOODNESS"  I have got to tell you this story or news?  It is a phone call that is so important that the called just can't wait to tell you the news. They go on to share what is on their heart at that moment, it could be wonderful news or something terrible, either way they wanted to share that part of their life with you.

There seems to be events that happen in our lives and in the lives of those that we treasure that are just worth sharing. When these things happen, we never never second guess ourselves about sharing the events or news. We just pick up the phone and call the family member or friends and talk to them about what is on our heart. Yet, we hesitate when it comes to certain things in our life if we want to really share what is going on, especially when it come to the things of God. Then we tend to pull back and keep that news and glory to ourselves. This Godly news is the stuff that we are to be shouting from the rooftops not whispering over in the coroner.

It simply amazes me that when wonderful, things happen to us in Church we are very selective to share these events. We would rather hold onto them then have to tell a souls what God is doing or has done in our lives. Imagine just for a moment sitting in Church and feeling the true presence of God, His overflowing love and peace. That moment of pure solitude when there seems to be no one in the room other then you and God, yet you are surrounded by others. Yet, God reached to you and you accept, and find the answer or love in that moment to get through the day or the week ahead. That in that moment in mass / Sunday service we find God to be so real, that you could swear that you touched the hand of Jesus.  It is in these moments that we sigh, and think to ourselves that it was the best service, not only did the Homily / Sermon touch our heart and we feel that we are growing and we hold that moment close to our hearts.

In these moments that God touched us, and we find something, or have a realization that God id there with us that we tend to hide deep within our hearts. We hold these times to be so dear that  we don't want to share any of it with anyone and if we do it may be with a parent or with our spouse. Yet, we hesitate to share that moment with the pastor or priest, that a part of that sermon really touched our lives, that it reached deep within our soul and we felt that strong spirit of God once again. That the love that we knew as a young Christian is coming alive in us once again.

It is in these times that we need to share the wondrous works of God in our lives with others. We need to reach out to that priest / pastor to let them know that the words of the sermon / homily touched us and has made a difference. That God is there in the room at church when we get that affirmation. We need to talk about the things that God is doing in our lives on a daily bases, because He is always there walking with us, if we acknowledge Him or not. Imagine, we started to share the things that God is doing in us with not only our family but with our friends. Think about the impact it would have to tell them that you were healed from Migraines, Asthma, or any other alignment that has been plaguing you for years. Imagine if you told them that inner wounds were healed and that deep pain is no more, but is now filled with the Love of Christ.  Imagine if we started to open this door with our friend and the Love of Christ was able to flow freely, and we grew not only in God but in our friendships as well.


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