Sunday, March 27, 2011

A child of God

It is so easy to become caught up in the world, and all that is going on in our lives at the moment. We tend to forget that we are children of the high King. That no matter what we are the children of God, we are a descendant of Abraham, since he is the Father of many nations. We too are a part of that linage and can then therefore be a Child of God. As children of God we have a special place in God's heart and he cares about us, and loves us without end. He is there helping us walk in the world, even though we are not a part of the world, because our true home is in heaven with the Father.

God is an amazing God, in that He is able to forgiven and forget all the sins that we have committed against us once we ask him for forgiveness, that is granted to us by the blood of his Son that he sent to die on the cross. By the blood that was shed on the cross, we are totally forgiven and all those things that we had done against God in the past are no longer present. Rather, as His children we are loved, and seen as clean in His sight. Even when we slip up, and see ourselves as a disappointment in God's eyes; yet, God see us as His beloved children who are always able to run to Him no matter what has happened. This is because God does not see us as a disappointment, or a failure in His eyes, rather, he sees us as his beloved sons, and daughters. He is able to separate the sin from who we are in Him because we are forgiven in His eyes.

Since we are His beloved children we are those in the world who always have hope. We are able to hold onto hope in the bleakest, most tragic situations because we have God at our side. We know in times of struggle and in times of need that we have God there at our side. When we are weak He is there and His strength will pull us through the situation. We have hope because we know that God is faithful in all that He promises to us in the Bible. It states there in the book of Jeremiah that God will give us a hope and a future; he has no plans to hurt or harm us.

It also states in the Bible that God is near to those who seek Him that He will answer then when we call out to God. That God is good to those that are His Children. He will never forsake us or leave us as it states in the book of Hebrews in the Bible. Thus He is near when we call or are in time of need because He cares for us as His beloved Children. He is there willing to help heal us and make us whole, cleanse us of the past and allow us to walk forward with Him at our side because He loves and care for us. It states in the book of Matthew that if we are willing to pray with another that God is there with us. He is there and He will indeed hear our prayers, but will only answer then according to the plans of the Father in Heaven. His plans far succeed any that we are able to make here on earth. He wants to give us a hope and a future and along with that we will be able to reside in His house in Heaven, it has many rooms as it states in the book of John. God wants us all in his Mansion be has the space to accommodate all His beloved children. After all we are His beloved!

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