Sunday, March 27, 2011


There are times in all of our lives that we tend to fail. We miss passing a class by a couple of points, or miss a getting a certification because we get one question too many wrong. Yet, at some point in our walk with God we see ourselves as a complete and total failure. This may be due to a sin that we have struggled with for years and are just not able to stop for one reason or another. We may feel that we have failed in God's eyes because we are able to further His kingdom in the manner that we should, we look to others standards and try to out do or achieve their goals in a short time. Failure is one of those deep emotions that can run to the core of the soul. It cause one to often think of them selves as less valuable then they are. It can stir up a deep sadness within the person and may go as far as leading them down the road of depression, because they have failed.

Failure is not word that is in the vocabulary of God, when He looks at you. He sees you as His child that He loves and cherishes. He knows the hurts and the pain in your soul and is willing to take it from you if you are willing to let go. God does not see your faults and sins daily, rather, He sees you as His child that He loves. He knows that sometimes we fall and it is then that we get up and brush ourselves off, and walk with Him again. In the brushing off the dust and dirt is the time of growth in God. It is then that we are able to see Him in a new light and fully come to Him in our time of need and He will provide for you. His love is there overflowing for you His precious child. He knows that by you falling and calling out to Him that you are willing to grow, and be guided by His hands. The only other option we have is when we are down in the dust, dirt and grim that we continue to wallow in the mud.

Yet, this is no excuse for us to continue to sin and ignore God in our daily life. Even if we fall, fail at something we are to pick ourselves up or ask for the help of others and move forward. We as Children of God have the ability to be forgiven for all our sin because of the blood that was shed on the cross. We are cleaned in the Father's sight, after all we are His beloved. There is nothing that we can do that would make God turn form us completely and walk away. There is not a sin that we are able to commit that He will not forgive and welcome you into His loving arm once again.

When we stumble and fall into that deep mud hole, it is then that we learn to walk again. We are able to grab a hold of the hand of another and start to walk again. In those moments we are growing in God and in our relationship with others in the Church, whether it is with the priest, pastor or another leader of the church. We always have the chance to reach out to others and ask for a hand, prayer, or just time to talk so we can lighten the soul and all that is on our heart. In these moments God is there, after all when two or more are gathered He is there with you.

After we are up, brushed off and ready to walk again, we are able to learn from all that has happened. We are able to look at the situation, causes or reasons that lead us to slip and fall into that muddy hole. We get up walk forward and do not look back at all that has happened. Rather we move forward and grow in God. Since we are now once again seen as clean in God's eyes. He does not recall the sins of the past once we confess them to the Priest, Pastor or to God. It is able to show us how much we need God's love, forgiveness and His mercies in our daily lives.

We are not a failure in His eyes, rather a child who is growing and has stumbled along the way. He is there to help us up, brush us off, take the sin from us and then love us as His beloved child.


  1. Wonderful Post!

  2. You're right when you say "Failure is not a word that is in the vocabulary of God".... Each culture defines and judges success and failure. Our relationship with God is so much more important than cultural conditioning.

  3. I am encouraged and inspired by your post. I often say, "The only one matters, thinks we matter a lot" Failure is not an option with God becaause we can STILL do ALL things things through Christ who gives us strength. Blessings!


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