Sunday, June 12, 2011


Inside all of us is a spirit. We all have one, and we all have some sort of spiritual life that resides in us; no matter if we attend church daily, weekly, monthly or just a couple of times a year. We all have the same spirit that the Lord breathed into Adam when he formed him out of dust. We have a spirit that is given to us by the Father in heaven. When we are baptised and begin to walk with God, it is in those little moments that our Spirit become alive and active in us. It is now that it longs to be fed.

We continue to walk with God, our Spirit grows and we grow in christ. We fed that Spirit within by attending church and learning about Jesus and His ways. We continue to grow through things in the church like prayer and Bible study. Yet, what we often don't realize is that the we are also fed by the words that we hear on the radio, friends / family members, tv and any other sources that we tend to listen to during the day. Our spirit is affected by what we listen to and what is being spoken to us.

Yet, these words are vital to that spirit, and what we are surrounding ourselves with it also holds a lot of power in our lives. Words that are spoken can hurt and wound us deeply. They are able to strike deeper and sharper then any sword or spear could ever imigine to go. These same worlds are there and are able to bring us great Love and joy from Heaven. There is a love that we are freely given by Jesus and all we have to do is ask for it and He is willing to show it to all of us because of His death on the cross.

Our Spirit that we hold within us is one that is very fragile. It wounds easily by words and actions of others. We can be hurt by someone saying something mean or out of context and then the wound forms and bleeds within us. It is in these moments that we long for the affirmation that someone out there care and does love us for who we are, not because of what we do or have done. The spirit man is gentle, and is one who needs to be uplifted in Church or by those who we are in constant contact with on a daily basis.

So the question become who are you listening to and what are they saying to you. Is it Godly things that are to lift ones spirit. Are we around people who love and care for us like family or are we around those who are dragging us down slowly to be miserable. Misery does love company after all. Look at who and what is said to you and around you, then question is this what my Spirit needs to hear, or can I find another to talk to who will lift me up and help that fragile Spirit heal and grow daily.

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