Sunday, June 12, 2011

Clay in Potters Hands

I have heard in the past that we are all like a clay in a potters just ready to be shaped and molded into something simply wonderful. Yet the clay had to be formed and ready for molding. As we grow in Christ and in the Church we are that like that lump of clay being handled by God and the Holy Spirit. We could become dry like dust and need a watering or two to come back into the fullness of the modeling ability.

Yet, there are others who are so dry, and have falling into dust, or have walked away from the Lord to the point that we don't even  recongize them as Christian any longer. Rather then clay they may resemble flour! A heep of white stuff there on the counter just waiting to react with another chemical to become something great. Yet, the truth be told that once we come the Jesus, He is always nearby, it is more of a question do we take that time to recongize Him in our world. In the life that we are living or is it just a Sunday thing that we do to fill our mornings.

We all came from the dust and was given the breath of God in womb from the time of our conception. In those first moments of life the Lord is there molding us, and changing the cells so we may grow into the person that we are to be according to His will and His love. We are formed in His hands and continue to walk with Him in our early years of life. We slowly come more and more into the world and lose sight of those Heavenly things as we grow.  This is because God allows us to chose if we want to continue to walk with Him on this journey or would rather take the road on our own. Yet, no matter what we have chosen He is always near to His Children when we cry out to Him. If it is in a moment of crisis or a moment of Joy, He hears all our prayers and loves us as his beloved Children.

He will sit and wait for you to want to walk with Him, yet he longs to walk and commune with you daily. He understand you, and will wait for your pompting to pull at those heart strings to have to come back the the God who made you in the womb. Yet, when we come home or start to walk with the Lord once again the then rain will begin to fall. In that spiritual rain we will find all that was lacking in the dryness of the land. It is then that we will begin to be molded once again in the Loving Fathers Hands. A time of spiritual grow, love and joy may abound in ones soul, because in all reality we have just returned home like the prodigal son. We are once again walking and being formed as we we were meant to be in the hands of the Father.

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