Monday, November 28, 2011

Lost the Christmas Joy?

So Christmas is around the corner and all the hustle and bustle is upon us. Yet, some have lost that Christmas cheer! It's become a chore to get out the door, let alone be happy about the Christmas season! It's a great day and friends, family, food but that joy seems to be lost somewhere in the flood of decorations that are everywhere ! You can't walk into a store without seeing something of Christmas, stocking and Santa !

Yet, the blues have settled into your heart and there. Is just no more room for all that Christmas joy! All you want is to get through the days and make it into the next year, cause good things will be there in the days to come. So can we just skip all the joy and move right on to the new year?

Sadly, no! We have to go to mass and church and hear about the joy and the true gift of Christmas! We go back to God in theses times when all our joy is lost to find hope once again! It is in Christ that we have hope, live and true joy! All others are superficial and will let you down. Any other joy is just a temporary fix and will fade! Yet that joy from the Lord is always present. It's there when you are blue, green or any other color. It tends to be masked by things of the world when we are caught up in everything but God ! When we lose sight of Him and who we are in Him that our joy tends to fade and we focus solely on worldly things!

We children of the Lord we are able to have the security and the love of the Lord; along with His joy at all times in our lives. We know that His live and guidance will help us through all circumstances when we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel! His light is there and if we reach out and take His hand he will guide us to that never ending love and joy that only He can give! It's a joy and love that will guide you through all things.

So as we walk into this Christmas season we are able to reach out and find the hand of God there waiting to show you the joy of the season. More the. Giving and receiving gifts, rather the joy of the the Lord in the birth of Jesus! In Him we have love and joy that will never cease if we are willing to reach out and take His hand to walk with Him this Christmas season.


  1. Thank you for this reminder of where our focus should be this season! I'm glad I found you on (in)courage today!

  2. So true! And such a good reminder for this typically busy season!


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