Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Tragedy

Christmas is approaching and it is coming rather quickly, especially if you have done any shopping at all. Yet, during the holidays we all tend to focus on the hustle and bustle of the season. The buying, wrapping of gifts and some even focus on the true meaning of Christmas which is the birth of Jesus. But what would you do if something terrible happened to you or your loved one during this time of year?

All of a sudden the shopping and hustle and bustle seems to fade. Then we stop and reflect upon our family more, we stop and take the time to cherish every person in our life and what they bring to us. It is in these moments near the holidays and tragedy happens that we want to run and hide. We can run, but it won't change what has happened to that individual. All we can do is be there for support and love them. Yet, we are able to do so much more.

We can PRAY! Prayer is able to change all things. When the doctor's are saying there is little to no hope or that it is a bleak situation we can run to God. We pour out our prayers to Jesus, and ask His hands to heal the situation and the person. Then we wait, we wait for the miracle to happen. We believe that God is near and that He loves all His children. He would not want us to suffer or be afraid in the times of tragedy. It is in those very moments we cry out and His arms are open wide.

We pray, and pray some more. We then seek out all the prayer warriors that we know to pray for what is going on. We have extreme faith in those moments of need, yet, the rest of time we believe just not as strongly as when we may want something from God. This indeed is a sad statement, we run to God only when we are afraid, and need Him to do a miracle! The rest of the year we travel through the days, weeks, months, and go about our day without a second thought of what God wants from us or wants us to be doing in our life.

If we pray through the good times and thank God for all that we have no matter how small, He will be willing to give us so much more. If we run to Him when things are only sideways and expect Him to show up, then ignore Him the rest of the year, what kind of Children are we? Are we the type of people that only call a friend when we are in need, or want something? Or we call to say Hello and check in to see how their life is going, to share with them the good and the bad. God, is there and is always near. He sits and waits daily for you to talk to Him. He is there tugging at your heart as we go through the days and the hustle of preparing for Christmas.

The question is if something was to happen, would you call out to God for healing, guidance or would you rely on the what the doctors are saying and wait to see what will happen. If we reach out and continue to reach out and know that God's hands are near, holding all close to His heart, that His angels are all around all the time would you act or say the same things, knowing God is sitting in the room with you?

God performs miracles and Shows his Healing power on a daily basis. He is there in the ICU with the patient on the vent, the one struggling to hang onto life as we know it. He is there in the middle of it all, the question is are you willing to let Him be a part of all that is going on or do we handle it all on our own? His healing power is near, and praying, talking to God works, I know first hand. I've seen God heal when they shouldn't have lived through the night. He is a Big God and He is near. Reach out and take the hand of the one who came to earth to love and heal you!

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