Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Distractions

Distractions, distractions are every where this time of the year. There is Elf, Sants Clause Coming to Town, Happy Holidays and all the other movies and songs that focus our attention on Christmas, yet the meaning is left to fly away in the wind. There are more distractions as you walk into the stores, holiday music, yes even the lovely holiday / Christmas music they play while shopping is used to distracted you in the store. By playing Christmas / Holiday music in stores it has shown to increase sales, because you will buy more when and pick up one more gift.

Yet, as we wonder through out the day, and see the trees, all the lights and decorations of Santa that are placed through out the town, we are distracted form the true gift of Christmas. As we go about the day and take that routnie drive afer dark to see how the neighbors in town have decorated or into downtown to see the spectular tree and window fronts that are only up this time of year, we lose the true meaning of Christmas.

We as a society are distracted, we hustle and bustle, and go about our day without taking the time to stop and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is so eay to be distracted in our daily life that it is easy to put the true meaning of Christmas aside and just focus on Santa Clause. Afterall, we have to get the tree, decorate it, hang the stocking with care, decorate the house, shop, wrap gift, make lists, watch the budget, decorate the rewst of the house inside and out, and send the lovely Christmas cards. There is so much that takes our attention along with having to hide all the gifts from little eyes that are peering into the closets to find those special things that are stashed away for Christmas morning.

Ever wonder what it feels like to God when our life becomes so full of distractions that we come to ignore him on a daily basis. How He feels when His dear children come to Him only on Sunday morning or when there is a need in their lives.  Ever wonder if it hurts Him deep within as He sits and watches you struggle daily with all those distractions that are occuring. As He sits there wanting to give you the peace and Love that you seek as you wrap, and decorate the house to celebrate the birth of his only Son, Jesus Christ. How a simple prayer is so effective that He hears every word and knows your every need and is wanting to provide if you would only take the time to talk to Him.

It is so easy to become so distracted that we lose God in our daily lives, not just at Christmas time but all year. How we busy ourselves and then fall into bed wanting to pray but would rather sleep those extra ten minutes then talk to our Lord and Savior. YEt, we long for God to be at home in our heart, but we get so distracted that we forget to open the front door. When all it takes is saying a simple prayer, reading a small Bible passage at home, in the car or on our mobile phones. May we all take the time this Christmas season to reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, out one true Lord and Savior!


  1. Oh how I want my heart to be undistracted this Christmas as I worship the One who came as a baby to die as a man.

    (new follower from (in)courage)

  2. Such a true statement, "How a simple prayer is so effective that He hears every word and knows your every need and is wanting to provide if you would only take the time to talk to Him." Great post, Lisa. Thank you!

  3. Yes God hears our prayers and give us what we want from Him.

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  4. God is our father and HE knows what His children needs. I am happy to be called a blessed child of HIM

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