Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Rain

Rain, it is wet and can become an annoyance after a while, after all who wants to wonder out in the rain? Living in Chicago rain is part of the life here, since in Chicago the majority of people walk everywhere. We walk in the city it is just what we do, we walk in the rain, sunshine, the warm sunny days of summer, the brisk cool air of winter. We walk here, it is a city thing,  we walk to the store, to the park, and all about the city. So when it rains here in Chicago we pull out the rain coats, pull up the hoods to cover our hair, and pull out the ole trusty umbrella, and we walk in the rain.  Even if it start to rain on one of those bright sunny days, when there wasn't a cloud in the sky and yet the sky opens up and the rain falls upon us, we stop and grab an umbrella in a little store, and continue on with our day, even in the rain.

Rain it is a wondrous thing, it is one thing that nature relies on. Rain is the water of the earth that waters the plants, washes the old away and allows for the new appear. Rain is what is needed for the flowers to grow, for the tress to provide shade and shelter. Rain is vital to the earth, it is water that is key to existence of nature, and vital to animals. Rain provides water to the rivers, streams, and lakes here on the earth. Rain is able to wash the earth, the stones, the animals, and provide for the living animals here where we live.

Rain is so much more though. Rain can be a spiritual thing. It can come from heaven and wash ones soul clean, it can provide healing, love, and a fresh start to those who have stumbled along the path. That rain allows you to get up, and have all the mud washed away, after falling into the puddle. It will cleanse you so you can move forward and not have the outward signs that you have stumbled and fallen astray. Rain is a wonderful thing.

Godly rain is the best rain that there is, it is able to fall at any time that you ask, or need a fresh washing in the Spirit. A new start, sure His bloods cleans the soul after sin, and forgiveness, and we are now free of blemish. But the rain that happens as you walk with Christ is a wonderful thing. That rain is a heavenly rain. It is rain that refreshes you, and gives you a new insight to what it is that you are going through. That rain may start slowing and you barely notice it falling. then it picks up a little and then it really starts to fall, and now you are in the middle of a downpour.  Here is where we cry out to God, and he answers, He is there when we call out to him. He will always answers us when we cry out, cause it is in this time that God is closest. Yet, we have to cry out to Him for him to come to us and provide that comfort in the rains that fall in life. God, hands you the tools, the comfort that you need, all because you cried out to him. It is then that God will take care of those needs that your soul so longs for to be healed or sheltered from. It is in this crying out that we find all that we need in the rain. God's love, comfort, and all that your soul needs is here in the rain, but only if we ask for God's help. So in the storms, cry out and find all that is there waiting for you in your time of need.

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