Thursday, February 4, 2010


Friends, they are a rock in hard times, they love you and help  you thorough things that you are going through and they give you a hand. They listen to  you when there are issues at home, or things going on in your life that you do not want to talk to your family about at the moment. Friends have seasons too, some are there for a while then  you grow apart and become closer to others. Friends are always there but they seem to cycle in your life, a time when you rely on some more then others because you have a greater trust or know them better. Some friends are there to listen to you, some are there in the times of need, the ones that you call in the bitter moment when you need someone to come and hug, or hold your hand in a moments notice. There are friends that you call to go shopping with or out to dinner. Friends that you share your souls with, and friends that you know but you are just not sure about the friendship yet because it is in the early stages or you need more time to together to get to know ones soul. 

There are friends that you have at work, where you talk about things that are going on there and if you dare share a piece of you soul, but you are not too sure if you can fully trust them or if what you say will be spread like jam on bread, thin and out there for all to examine. So you are more guarded at work, and looking for true friends to maybe have a drink with after work to relax once in a while and maybe share some of your soul with, maybe develop a true friendship here. A friend that you can confide in at work, about work or work related matters. Someone to unleash to at work, or on a break. Sometimes one just needs to vent at work and not to a boss but rather to a friend or another coworker that you know you can trust.

There are friends that you have at church. The ones you pray with, talk to about Godly things, the ones that know that side of you, but not the other areas of your life, or at least not yet. Those Godly friends, where you are striving to be the good friend, one who prays, reads your Bible, and have true fellowship with God. Or you want to have what they have in your soul, so by hanging out with them on Sunday and maybe Wednesday nights you might find something that you are searching  for in your soul. You would love to assume that the friends at church will be true friends to you. You want to fine the ones that you are able to turn to in times of spiritual war, times of drought in your walk with Jesus, times of joy, times of washing with the rain, times of tears, times of laughter.

These "church " friends that you have, do they know who you are Monday through Saturday. Do we allow them into all of who we are. Do we talk to them about all the issues or just when we want to have prayer for something. Who are these church friends and how do they influence you? Do you call them in a time of need? Or are you one that waits til Sunday to talk to them. Do you allow them into your life quicker because of who they are and what they believe, do you allow them to know you quicker because you feel safer with them because they are "Christians"  Who are theses people at church? Are they true friends or are they pretending to be your friend, or pretending to know God. Are we as Christians taking the time to know them and find out how and where they are in the Christianity.

There is a key I believe to Christian Friendship is  the DOING and not just TALKING. This  friendship doesn't always expect something in return. Friendship is criticizing only to build up the other party - there is such a thing as positive criticism and as a friend you should be able to accept this kind of help. These true Christian friends that we find in the church or outside the church, you may find them in the store or at the park, are the ones that we come to trust. We develop this friendship based on that trust that we have in one another as friends in Christ. They come to care about one another and have a true concern for their friend and their family. They may be distant (miles apart) but they are there in spirit, they are there by text, email or a phone call away. They are the ones that you come to share a larger piece of who you are in the world and as a true Christian. 

True Christian friends there there over time, they forgive each other, they continue to love each other through good times and rough spells. Christian friends are the ones that tells you the truth even if it hurts. They are not your friend for their gain, but because they want to be be your friend and know you for who you are as a person. They are the individuals in your life that will prays, praise and talk to you about God and discuss Godly things with you when events and problems arise in your life. Christian friends are vital to Christians if they are going to grow in their walk with the Lord. 

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