Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It is a fabulous  time of the year, it is Spring! A time of celebration and new growth. A time when the earth rejuvenates  itself with new life all around. Spring, when the plant come up from the ground after being dormant for the long winter months. It is a time of new birth, when we watch the plant poke through the ground, new leaves budding on the trees. Plants, flowers and all that nature holds becomes new once again. It is in the spring that the birds return to the tress and one is able to awaken in the am to their  lovely songs of new life. Spring a time when we begin again and look towards warmer days of summer. It is a time that most people look forward too, a time when all is fresh and new again in the world around them. Time to play outside without all the heavy coats, mittens, warm winter hats.  It is a time that happens once a year, when all things start to bloom, and you see the true beauty of where you live.

Spring is a time of renewal, not only for the earth but for Christians as well. It is in the Spring that we celebrate Easter, and receive all that God has truly provided for us sinners. A total forgiveness of sin and wrong doing. We look at his pain and suffering and how much he truly cares and loves us during this time of the year. It is not that we take it for granted the other 364 days during the year, but it is in the spring that we look at Jesus' humility and see his human side and realize what he did so that we are able to be with him in His kingdom for eternity.

Spring is a time that allow us to look forward to better days, a time that when we look towards the warmer summer that is just a couple of months away. Spring is also a time when we look forward to growing in God. We have heard and seen his pain, suffering and love for us, and as we walk in Him, with Him, we begin to grow in God. Our relationship with God and others begin to blossom. With the blooms the deeper relationships, and we begin to look at the world and the things in our world in another light. We begin to see Jesus in all that we do and how we can influence the world by our actions and words that we use to communicate with one another. We are able to show other our love for Christ, by the way we love others in our family and our community.

It is during this time of renewal in the world and Christ that we are able to grow as a people of God. We are able to get out and help others, show them the love of Christ, a time to share our selves with others in the community, make new friends. It is a time when we get involved in more activities out of the house, we involve our children in clubs and sports, and camps to encourage them in their daily lives. We have the opportunity to share ourselves with others and reach out to them when they are hurting and show them the love of Jesus. It is then that we are able to share our faith, victories with others and time to grow in all aspects of our life. It is a time that we are able to reach out to other easily because we are able to get out more because it is nice outside.

Spring is a time of new birth of the earth and nature, and a time when we tend to reflect upon our new lives as Christians. A time when we look to the cross and all that Jesus did for us because He loves us and truly cares for us.

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