Monday, June 14, 2010


My husband and I have decided that we need to find a church where we have common ground. A place where we can grow individually, and as a couple in the Lord. We want to find somewhere that has a true annointing of God, where the people want to be in church to grow and come to know you as part of their family, church family. It is something that has been on my heart lately, and I know that it is the right thing for us as a couple.

So I have been out exploring a couple of churches and coming home to talk to my husband about the experiences that I have when I am there at the service. We talk about the message, worship, God, their view of God in the church and how it is reflected in thier daily lives. We would then talk about the annointing of the church, is there an annoiting or does it feel dead like dry bones in an old empty, cold, stone room.

Then an amazing thing happened, there was a church that I found that God is drawing me back to more and more. I have found his annointing and his Holy Spirit there in the 4 walls of the church. A place where the Spirit is flowing daily, and every time they have a service. One is able to feel and be in the presence of the Almighty Father. A place that Christians want to be as often as they can. A place where there is true peace in the church, love for Christ and others that are there in the church as well. One place where God is at all times, if you are willing to be in His Holy Presence then come and walk with Him and feel the Love of the Heavenly Father. A true, never ending, always forgiving Father that want to be there for you in all things, through all things and any time that you are in need He will be there.

So I went and got my husband and took him back to his original faith, and brought him into the church. I asked that if this is where we are to be then to have the Lord work on his heart. It is simply amazing, my husband walked out and stated that we may have found our new Church home. A place where we can be together as a couple where we both will be fed in Christ.

But, beyond finding the church and feeling that annointing in that place there is so much more that needs to happen for a chrisitan. Yes, that annointing is important but so is the relationship that one has and develops with the Heavenly Father. A relationship where you are in fellowship with im, and are intune with His Spirit. It is something that one must work at and want to do or it can become dry and cold like an old musty room that has been abandened for many years. It is something that is fostered in the church. The chiurch helps you grow in your walk with Christ with the services, messages, worship, prayers, and teaching you the ways of God and how they fit into your daily life.

The Church that you find this in you will grow as a Christian. It is a place where one can turn to in times of need, time of joy and when you just need someone to listen to you in your crisis or situtation. The church is a place where fellowship with others in Christ grow and relationship with others blossom into wonderful Christian relationships or new friendships. It is a place that one is able to call on in times of need and not be judged by others, if you need to vent, cry or pray. The Priests and Pastors of the church are there to help you grow in God, and foster that relationship with Christ, but they are only able to do this if we are willing to ask them for help. They are there if we stumble and fall, they will help you up, brush you off and get you on the right road again with God. They do not judge but understand that it can be hard to live like Christ wants us to in today's society. That is why God has given us them in our lives, so they can help us with spiritual things and emotions, and anything that they are capable to doing when it comes to their role as a Pastor or Priest in the Church.

Why not call them and talk to them about what is going on, talk to them about sin, or about anger, sadness and deep rooted pain that we hide from all because it would expose the real hurt in our heart and soul. What if we made that call and found that relationship ince again, and found that as we talked and explored Christ with the Pastor/ Priest that those old wounds started to heal with God's hand. Would you take the hand of God, or continue to walk in hurt, pain, anger and tough it out because of pride or shame. There is never pride in asking a Priest/Pastor to help you find God's healing or your way home to God. Walk back into church and talk to God and let the mircles begin to happen.

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  1. So, you never said what church it is! I'm dying to know! I'm so glad that you are happy as a is sooo important! :)


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