Monday, June 7, 2010


In the news media we are hearing a lot about the current oil spill and the effects it is having on the people, economy and the environment. It is vital to our state of living since we as a Americans depend on the oil for our living and the spill is effecting our resources in a negative material. Yet, what if we were to have a spil of our own, a Spiritual Spill. What if this spill caused us to grow and become a stronger and a better Christian. Would we be open to it? Would we run and hide from God, or would we welcome the changes, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Would we as a people take the time to say wow, what is happening to me, and it needs to stop now so I can go back to living my "normal life"

This spilling of the Spirit, is available and in reach to all Chrisitan's who want to be closer to the Lord. Those who are striving to walk with him daily. It is an outpouring that is able to refesh our souls, one that will wash us and make us long to worship, pray and follow after Jesus on a daily basis. It could cause us to look to God first when things happen to us, rather then to other things to fill the void that we may feel in us or in our hearts when things happen that we are not able to control.

The spilling of the Spirit of God is something that we as Christians should be striving after and not running away from on a daily basis. What if the Spirit came upon you when you were needing a friend and you felt the Lord with you and you had comfort in your soul. If the spirit came to you in a time when you needed to talk and let you know that God was there with you in the middle of the storms of life, and gave you all you needed at that moment. Or if the Spirit came to you in the car when you are driving and put on your heart to pray for someone, who is strugggling or really needs prayer to make it though the day, would you pray or turn up the radio and sing another song like nothing ever happened.

If that Spiritual rain came to you sitting in a pew at church when you needed to hear from God, cause you are wondering in the sesert and God seems so far away that you cannot reach him in a million years. Then he shows up and brings that rain to you and a true refreshing of your soul. Where you feel the love of the Father so deeply that you never want to leave your seat or want that moment to end. If in the falling rain you become aware that God is there with you if you are willing to talk to Him, that He is there waiting for you to call upon Him in your time of need, hurt, pain, joy, depression, loneliness, etc. He is there just waiting for you to say the word Come Lord, I need you now. This simple act of speaking these word can bring the Lord to you along with His comfort, care and love.

What if we just simply asked the Lord for a new spilling of His Spirit upon us so that we can feeel Him anew, and walk with Him so much closer today then any other day in the past. God is there waiting for you to ask Him to come to you, and to help you and then He will spill His Spirit upon you. What if we just asked, and He answered, then the rain began to fall and we found a whole new level to our relationship with God.

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