Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Religion and God

There is a line in "The Good Wife" that struck me to the point that we backed up live t.v. to hear it once again, to ensure that I did indeed hear it correctly. It was when the one character stated " Religion is like a drug in small doses it is curitive in large doses it's addictive." What a powerful statement that rings true for so many Christians.  It is something that is out there in all types of religiojns, if you are Catholic or Pentacostal or anywhere in the middle.  It is one of those statements that makje you stop and think; are you getting God in small doses when it is convienent for you or are you fulling embracing God for all that he is and making Him the center of your life.

God is one of those subjects that is so taboo in today's society. It is one of those topics that is held sacred to some and to others it is something that they have to do every Sunday. Religion is not about the service, it is not about the movements that we go through during worship. It is not about the words and how we say them in church. It is not about the specific prays that we say that is so different from church to church.

Religion is so much more, yet is the same no matter what church you attend. It is all about the same Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is a guide to show us how to be Christ like. Yes, they are different but the message from church to church is the same. The ultimate message is that of knowing the heavenly Father. It is all about spening time in God's word, prayer, and worship. They all stress that we are to spend time with God outside of mass. That we are to spend time walking with Him daily, talking to Him and listening to Him. These simple things are to be done when we are in church, but also when we are home and in society as well.

It is about having a place (Church)  to go to show our appriciation for God, to give him all that He truly deserves as our Heavely Father. It is about a place of spiritual guidance. Where you turn in times of need or trouble; a place where one feels safe to share what is on their heart and in their soul. A priest or pastor of the Word of God is vital to Chrisitians in todays world. There are so many things that come up agiast us that we as Christians struggle with. By having a man of God available to help lighten the load, let you know God is still there and that not only does God care but so does the preiest / pastor. They are there to help you gain strenght in the word of God, to help in building your faith in the Father. They can provide you with the tools and help show you that there is hope and the sun is burning bright on the other side of the darkness that seems to be over you at the times of need and trouble. The priest / pastor is a wonderful resource that God has provided us with to help guide us in Spiritual things and show us that His love does not stop because we are going through a rough spell.

Priests and pastors are there all the time, basking in the word, taking in God's presence, when we are off living our daily lifes. They are taking the time to study, meditate and learn more and more about the Heavenly Father, so that in time of need, they are able to guide you back to God or show you that God's presence is still around you. The priest and pastors are there to pray for you. with you and help guide you in prayers to enhance the healing that you may need at the moment. It doesn't mean that only if I am sick I seek out the church, but rather if you are sad, lonely, hurting, emotionally strained, physical hurts they are there to help you deal with all things to make you whole in Christ. They will give you guidelines for prayer, scripture readings and show you the hope and peace is attainable right where you are now, that they sunlight is coming if you are willing to keep going with God!

It is amazing to think that spending time with God in small dose is curitive, but curitive of what? Does it give you a false sense of help or of relieve that last for a short time, or do you dive into Religion and see what really happens when you stop and let God take the control. What happens it becomes addictive, or is it that you find something that you have been searching for all along, maybe peace in your soul. That the truth of the Word of God is real, and it has the power and the ability to change a soul and make someone see that there is so much more to religion then just the motions. Rather there is s true loving, God that is there on the sideline waiting for you to talk His hand and walk with Him.

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