Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Addiction?

The is a line out there that says " religion in in large doses is addictive".  What a statement with so many implications, there could be many, many blogs or writings on this one topic. What would happen to society if Religion became addictive? What if God caught on once again like it was in the early church or in early societies; where we taught our children the Bible, and the morals that come with being Christian. If God caught on in your home and in your family would it become an addiction.

If the family or you started going to church once a week to hear what God has to say, listening too his word weekly and seeing if it starts to change you and the way that you think.  Would church make that much impact on your life that you started to change.  Is that change a bad thing?  Can God really change you, make you whole, give you a peace that you have never felt before? Is this God real, how does one find out; by seeking out God and seeing him face to face.

What if Spiritual Guidance could help you along the path of life, help in creating one whole, Allowing you to find inner peace, love and tranquility that can be found in no other place other then in God's Hands.   In a place where you are comforted, loved, at peace and feel that you are truly home in your Father's house. A peace and love that cannot be experienced unless you are in the arms of the Holy Father. Yes, then religion and God could become addictive.

Your soul or inner being would long to be with the Father, in His arms, where you are safe and feel that ultimate love and peace that no one can ever take away from you.  A place where you are free to express your feeling and know that you are understood in prayer. A place where you can sing praises and know that your voice is  lovely and the most beautiful one in the bunch, because God loves to hear you sing to Him. A place where you run to in times of emotional trouble because there are peace in God's hands. A place where one finds comfort in the Word of God when they are troubled, and hurting; where peace and divine comfort comes to you as you talk to the Heavenly Father.

What would happen to you if God became addictive? Would you finally find the peace and comfort that you are seeking. Would old wounds finally heal and you find peace in your soul. If religion and God is addictive, then it is a good addiction and one that more people need to find in the world,

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