Monday, August 23, 2010

Security Blankets and God!

It is the middle of the summer and it is so hot here in Chicago I am pretty sure then AC has never shut off. It has been non-stop for the last 3 months, but fall is just around the corner and the cool weather is lurking there in the shadows. Yet, I know some people, relatives, friends, patients that even if it is 90 outside or hotter and they lay down for a nap they have to have a blanket on them at all times. Not that it is cold or cool in the Nursing home by any means or cool in their own home but there is a sense of comfort there when they lay down with a blanket covering them.  This may stem from our childhood where when our mom put us all down for a nap she would kiss us, and cover us up with our blanket or one in our room. Thus there is a true sense of security if we are going to sleep we have our blanket and then we can rest peacefully.

Yet,  we are able to travel this road of life without the sense of security with the Heavenly Father, who love us and cares for us beyond our own comprehension. We attend church on Sundays and sometimes during the week if we are able too if there are not too many family obligation or other things going on in our lives. We will wonder in and seek the security and peace of  God for the week, walk out the door and loose it all by the time we are out of the church parking lot.

What about the God covering, and His sense of peace and security in our lives. What if we knew that He was there with a calling of His name, or a simple prayer that stated "God, I need you now" He would come and be there at your side and walk with you, talk with you and give you that peace in heart when you are troubled, scared, or just need comfort at that moment in time. Rather we are so busy we rush through the day, doing our daily chores and things that we need to get done and never think of asking God for help when we are down. We call a friend, talk to the radio, the TV, but not to the living, breathing Heavenly Father who is just waiting for you to ask Him to assist you, Waiting to comfort you and hold you, be with you in all times, joyous and sorrow. He is there with you and you don't realize that He want to help and love you if you allow Him to be a part of your daily life.

I can hear the rebuttal in my head already, I am so busy I don't have time for my self and now God want to take time from my day. I am too busy, I will talk to him on Sunday! We are good Christians we attend church weekly, the kids go to Sunday School and to youth on Wednesday Nights that is enough to get us through. We have God here, but in reality where is God, is he sitting at the table like the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about, or did we shove Him on the Shelf where the dust is collecting in a nice pattern. Where is God, is He there with you at your convience when you need Him at that second, or is he communing with you on a daily basis. Is he there telling you it's ok He is in control, or are you telling Him that this is what you want, and He needs to fix it for you? God is so close yet so far away, we want Him on Sundays, Wednesdays, and other times that we walk in to the church doors and yet by the time we drive away we have left him sitting there at the edge of the parking lot and we wonder why we don't feel him close to us.
Yet, he is there waiting to cover  you with His forgiveness, His love, His security, His Grace, His peace and all that you could ever ask for is in His reach. Yet we are afraid or too busy to take 10 minute out of our busy lives to find God and talk to Him on a daily basis. But if a crisis arises we are the first ones to ask why, how, what happened Lord, why me, where are you and I need you now! Yet, He was there all along waiting for you to cry out to Him so he can shower you with His love, comfort and peace or whatever your heart needs at the moment.  It only takes 10 minutes a day to become close to the Heavenly Father, and then you will see how much He does care and love you, then your security is there and His heavenly Covering will follow, along with His peace.

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