Wednesday, August 25, 2010


One of the things that I have noticed in today's society is the fear of commitment. It can to be to one person ie Marriage, or to a job, cause there is always something out there that has greener grass then where we currently working, it can be as simple as a commitment to attend church weekly, let alone to God.  So what is commitment? A big part of commitment is the area of Trust! Trust is the  assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. As a society we seem to have a lot of issues with Commitment and with Trust!

God, calls us to commit to him early on, he asks that we fear Him, walk in his ways, Love Him and serve Him with our whole being! We are to follow after God and His ways in all that we do and pursue in this life. This simple ask of following the Lord, is something that is reinforced throughout scripture. He calls us to walk in His ways, and hold fast to Him in all that we do inside the church and in the community. He wants us to be with Him and talk to Him as we progress throughout our days. 

 Following God is a commitiment that he calls us too, yet with our free will we have the ability to look the other way and go about our lives without God!  It breaks His heart when we suffer, hurt or are in true anguish and we ignore Him. God is there  waiting to help you and reach out to you, if you just utter the words "God help me!"  Yet, will allow us to mosey through and do our own thing, along with allowing us to turn away from him, yet He always welcomes us home with open arms when we do return. He runs to us with open arms saying in a soft voice "Welcome home Child, I love you and missed you so, let me heal and comfort your wounded heart!" What powerful words from the heavenly Father. No only does His love shine forth upon us, but he has forgiven all that we had done and never brings up the past to us, all is now in the sea of the lost and is forever forgotten. 

Once we start upon the road of commitment to God, we may see changes, we desire and hunger for God's word. We often seek to run to Him and seek him in times of need and sorrow along with times of joy. We long to be in His holy presence if it is in a church or in your own home. God is there with you no matter where you are the structure does not limit God's interaction with his children. God has a desire to be there with you, he longs to hear your prayers, praise and worship, and for you to come into His Holy presence. All of this is done and achievable by a simple commitment to God. Once we commit we are His Children and nothing can ever take us away from the love of our Heavenly Father.

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