Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The melody and Song

Have you ever noticed that all the notes on the page seem to form a melody that in turn creates a song. A beautiful composition of music that seems to ful flow from the instruments that it is being played on. There is moment when the notes on the page, the instruments come together and a magic happens, a song is formed. One can notice, even if they haven't heard the some prior if one person in the melody is out of tune. They can notice if something is off, that the song or melody is not flowing right, the wrong key or the wrong beat is being played somewhere in the midst of the meloday.

There is an amazing melody that surrounds all of us, the song that we play, one that reflects our life. A song that we live out in our daily lives. What melody are we playing and what is surrounding us in our daily lives. Is it a melody that moves people to want to be with you, near you. Is it a catchy tune, one that is pleasing to the ear or is something that makes others want to run from what is being played.

The song that is coming out from us resides in our hearts. There is a rhythm, a melody, a beat, and it bleands into the other songs that are being played around us. There is a beat that flows amoung all of us that keeps the song playing. When all are in tune it is simply amazing and comforting.

This song that is in our hearts is one that we are given by the Father in Heaven. It is a song of love, comfort, care, truth, grace, mercy, compassion, and all these things along with many more grow as we grow in God. All these things are there in our lives because we know God and who he is , and that he wants to commune with us on a daily baisis. It is in this relationship with God that our melody grows, and changes ever so slightly as we walk along the path with the Father. We are able to play our song proudly, knowing that we are loved and that God truly care for us, that He is always there and will never leave us or forsake us once we come into that realtionship with God and know our heavenly Father.

We are all in instrument of God here on earth, we all play a tune that resides there in our hearts. We play out this tune and others hear the melody and make the chioce to play their tune with you or find that you are out of tune. That your heart, ministry, life or other issues that you have are interfering with the melody, and keeping you from God. God is there waiting to put you back in tune with Him. He longs to have that close relationships with you. That he truly wants us to commune with Him! That His love is there and he will not walk way from you in the times of trouble. He is there tuning your melody making it so beautiful that others will hear it. That song in us, that melody of out lives is always there, the question is are we in tune with the song.

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