Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where are you God?

It would seem that there comes a time in all of our lives when something happens to us or our loved ones and we begin to question God! Or we tend to question God why are you doing these things to me? What happened , how did I make you so mad at me that now all these bad things are happening to me or my family. God Why? Where are you and why am I standing here alone, like Job, why oh Lord did you walk away from me?  It is often hard to understand why things happen to us, why did he lose his job,will we lose our home?  It is in this time that God is calling us to His side, He is there with open arms asking His child to run to Him in this time of suffering.

I have heard them say I can't go to God now, He wouldn't want to talk to me if He knows all that I have done. He would laugh and shoo me away from him, even go as far as call themselves a evil doer! They state that God is too Good and that they are so terrible in the eyes of God that they would not be forgiven or God wouldn't have the heart to listen to a word that they speak, yet in the same breath you hear the words, if he cared then why didn't he answer that prayer. When asked they state that there was a silent prayer that went unanswered, or God did not do what they asked for so therefore he does not care for them or Love them. 

It is then that one begins to wonder, yes God is there but not all things that we want are ever given to us if so all parents would have a money tree in the yard and no bad things would ever happen, because we could always afford what was happening or about to happen. Yet, God id there, He hears your prayer, but maybe He also hear what the individual that you prayed for their prayer as well. Maybe He granted there request to go home to Him and no longer suffer on the earth. Maybe God talked to them and told them that it was ok to come home now, it is time.

God is bigger then all that you have done in this life, He is able and willing to forgive you if you just ask Him. He listens to you and has a devine Love and Heart for you. You are His child and He is your Father in Heaven. He will never, ever leave you alone, He won't forsake you either. Thus God is there in the midst of all your troubles and tears, fears and anxieties. He sees your pain and counts your tears and wants to be there to hold you in His hand is we allow His comfort and care to come to us. God is there, if we are willing to say God , I need you now, come and help me please! He comes and will not turn away from you. We may not understand all the things that are happening, but all things happen in His timing, in His plan. All things have a purpose and a season. We may not understand at the moment, but in time if we ask God to reveal to us something He will and maybe all God wants from us is closeness.

God wants us to be close to Him! He wants us to draw unto him in times of need, trouble and sorrow. He wants to be there to celebrate your victories and joyous moments as well. God longs to commune with His Children! Yet, He will sit or stand aside and let us do as we please and not be an overpowering God, forcing us to worship, pray, or talk to Him. Rather, He is a loving Father that is there saying, Child come to me, I am here.  Talk to me and I will talk to you, I will help you and comfort you, I want to know you my child, come to me and let me help you along this path of live. To think God is there in a second when we call Him, when we pray He is there, ready to listen no matter what is going on in the world around you, He comes because He is a loving Father who wants to help His Children, we are all His Children. Take the time to come to the Father and find all that you long for in His arms!

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