Thursday, September 9, 2010

Words of the Heart............

It is a matter of fact that so much of our lives revolve around words that we speak. Not only the words that we say to others, but think in our minds about others and the thoughts that we have at the moment. We also need to consider the words we say to ourselves. Self talk is key, what do we say to ourselves, what do we think of who we are and what we are in this world, along with our self esteem. Words play a big part in who we are as we develop, we learn language as an infant and expound upon those few key words into a vocabulary that expands and grown until the day we die.

Words are there in all aspects of our lives, from the moment we learn to talk. They help us in forming relationships as we grow. The words we use with others are spoken with different tone and pitch in our voice to reflect feelings and raw emotions. Words are able to do so much for the soul, yet they are able to hurt and harm us in so many ways. We have to use caution in the words that we speak to others and watch what and how we talk to them. 

Words are very powerful, it is said that it takes ten good things to replace one bad thought or sentence that we heard. So imagine hearing something bad, and it goes to our heart and hurts us or wounds us in some manner, to undo that we have to be told ten good things to undo that damage that one little word or statement. Some words have deeper meanings then others, but all are able to help or harm us.

God talks about the words that we use in our daily life.  That the words we use are the meditations of our heart. He says that we are to guard our tongue, to watch what we say, not only to others but in our self talk as well. Our thoughts are to be on Him as we proceed throughout the day, that from our lip we will speak praise to Him in the words that we speak and the actions of our daily lives. We as children of God are able to speak and bring healing to other by our faith and prayers.  That the righteous in God will speak of wisdom and justice to those that are around them. We are to be in fellowship with the Father and  we are to speak the matters of our heart.

That the Lord is near tho those that call upon Him, He will come to them in their time of need. When we call upon the Lord in Prayer, He listens to us as His children. He is there if we cry out to Him and ask for His presence. The Lord draws near to us as we come unto Him. By drawing nearer to God we are able to tame our words and speak the love of God to others through using the right words in conversation.  Our words are a reflection of what is in our Hearts.

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