Friday, September 24, 2010

Joy in the Morning

Shattered into a million little pieces like a puzzle thrown into the air, and allowed to fall to the ground. Landing where they may and scattered about the room, and floor. Shattered and broken deep within is harder to deal with, a puzzle we can search for and put them together in time or all in one day. Yet, when our heart break, and is shattered we are not sure what to do or how to cope. It doesn't matter what caused all the pain, the result is the same, and broken heart and a soul that is longing for some sort of comfort within, not the physical comforts of the world. A kind hug may help and words of a freind can help carry us through, yet true healing comes from within the heart and soul.

The ultimate healing come when we are able to forgive the one that hurt us, and allow ourselves to feel the emotions that are hidden deep within our soul then true emotional healing will begin to flow. This healing starts and ends with our Lord and Savior Jesus. He is there to walk with you through all the emotional pain, he listens when we cry out to Him and say I hear you my child. He is there with you and not only hears us but comes to us in our times of need to comfort us and help us heal from the inside out. He helps us in sharing the wounds that are in us, that caused us to shatter into so many pieces that we don't even know where to start to put them back together. Jesus is there to help us gather the pieces of our lives, sort them and group them and help us slowly put the puzzle back together with His healing hand and touch.

Jesus not only helps us pick up the pieces to put them back together but hold them with glue, so we learn to rely on Him in our times on need. It can be emotional, physical, mental or any other pain that we go through in this life. Jesus's healing hands and His healing touch is there reaching out to us. He is there saying my child bring me your tear and sorrow. Bring me your hurts and pain, and I will take it from you. When we give it all to Jesus, we will find that the joy, true joy will come in the morning. His loving hands are there to hold and comfort us, to help in making our puzzle complete, and making us feel like we are truly whole again.

There is joy coming in the morning for all of those who are hurting. There is love, and comfort there on the other side, yet all we have to do is get to the other side. Once we arrive on the other side. The joy is there waiting for us on the other side, there is joy so full and wonderful that we just have to be willing to give the pain to our true Father. If we allow Jesus to come and heal us with His hands, His love and His comfort, we will hurt no more. If it rises up again all we do is call upon Him and He is there in a heartbeat because we are His Children and He love us for who  are are and where we are right now.  He is there in the midst of the storm, in the middle of the pain if we reach out to Him, He will come take our hand and walk with us, and heal our wounds and then the joy will come in the morning.

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