Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We are Broken....

Broken, shattered, and like puzzle pieces falling all around. We are broken inside and yet no one really knows, we hide the hurts, pain and push all the emotions down so we can show the world that we have it all together, yet the true self is falling apart all around. We take things day by day, and sometime hours by hour or even minute by minute when we are in the middle of a storm and are falling apart. We hide that pain, those emotions that we are afraid to share with others, fearing that they will see us as weak, or just wanting to sek attention from others. Yet all they want is to have hope, for things to be ok, that we are not ashamed of them for feeling this way.  Some say to just wait, hold out and you will be stronger on the other side, hold it all in, don't tell a soul how you feel. That we need to all carry our own burdens, and not rely on others.

This is so far from the truth, there is hope other there and people are there for you if you reach out to them. We all have wounds in this life, we all need others at some point. There is hope, strength and love there for those who are hurting. There is healing through Jesus. He wants to take that pain from you, He wants you to leave it at His feel and know that you are loved and He truly care for you where you are when you are hurting. His love is there reaching out, and all the shame and doubt that we carry can be gone from us if we are willing to let it go and give it all to God.

God is there in the middle of the tears, He knows the pain in your heart. He sees every trear that you shed. He is ther with total understanfding of what you are going through. He is ther and able to be found when we are wondering where God went, and starting to think that He has left us, when in reality he is stasnding there with open arms.  We are able to find find God when we seek Him out. He is there with us in prayer, worship, reading of His word, and when we reach out to others. Although at times it seems like He is so hard to find then we are to seek Him out though talking and sharing with Pastors and Priests. By sharing those hurst, shame, and deeps wounds they are able to show us that God is still there, that His healing is coming and there is joy coming in the morning. The Priests and Pastors  are there to help guides us in God's love, to show us and help us deal with all the deep hurts and pain, by helping us to see God, and see that there is hope there waiting for you to come to Jesus.

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