Thursday, September 30, 2010

Walk on the Path...

One of my favorite verses in the Bible talks about the plans that the Lord has for us. How he plans to prosper, give us hope and a future. Yet, there are times I struggle with this same verse that I hold so dear to my heart. It is hard to understand the plans that God has when things in our life go sideways. When the path that we are on gets narrower and narrower to the point that you can bearly see the path amoung the weeds and grass. Yet, we keep traveling the path and struggle to see where it is going, we may wondert o the left and right a little to see if maybe that path vered off to the side and maybe we missed that turn. Yet, we come back to that path that is narrow and hard to follow because it is the path that we are to travel right now.

It is in this time of walking along that narrow path that we can find growth in who we are and in God also. It is now that we learn to rely on God. There are  no distinct markers on this path that we are following. There are no pebbles, cranberries, or any other markers along the way  and we have to have faith that we are walking in God's will and that he is truly in control of our lives. We continue on and move forward in all that we do, with the faith and trust in God our Father when things seem to be out of control and we are having a hard time on that narrow path of life. It is now that we lean on God for guidence, and strength that all is going to work out according to His will and His plan, even if right now we dont't understand that logic or the why behind what is happening in our lives.

It is in these times that we learn not only rely on God but to trust in Him more. He is there in the storms that we are facing, if we realize it or not, God is there with us. He promises that he will never leave us nor forsake us. This is not a promise that He makes to us only in joyous times, but in times of sorrow and we are struggling to understand the whys of life. God is there with us, and He wants us to reach out to help in and draw us closer to Him. He longs to have that deeper realtionship with us if we are willing to turn to him and run into his arms in our times of struggling, need and hurts. God is also there to rejoice with us in the end when storms are fading and the sun is peeking out through the clouds. It is in these times of growth that we excel in God.  There is joy coming in the morning, what morning we are not aways sure if it is tomorrow or another day, but that treemoundous joy of the Lord there just around the cornor, so hold on to God and cling to Him in these time.  Wait and listen to Lord, he is there and His joy is coming, and the rainbow is there waiting for you.

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