Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Praise in the Storms.

There is a song on the radio that states to praise God in the middle of the storm. To reach out to God, and to sing to Him with all your heart and soul when we are in the middle of a storm in life. That we are able to reach the heart of God by singing His praises when the rain is falling all around us and there is not a break in the clouds. When one thinks the rain and the storms are going to last for days, months or even years, it is then that we are to sing out to our Holy Father. It is in the mist of all that rain that we are to sing out to Him, praise him in the storms and then we will see that He is still in control and has not let go of us.

It is good for our soul to reach out to heaven and sing the praises to God, not only in the the times of joy, but in times of the sorrow, confussion, bitterness, in the storms of life. The Bible tells us that we are to praise God with our voices and to life our lives as a reflection of Him in us. Our praise is a reflection upon us as to who we are, that praise is a reflection of God in our hearts, our minds and in the words that we speak to others and to ourselves as well.

That praise that comes from our lips is in itself very powerful. It is in middle of praise that we are not only able to come into the presence of God, and dwell there, we are able to find rest in the Lord. We we start to dwell in that holy presence of God, it is there that we are so close to the Father, and His healing and comfort is so strong as we bask in His holiness. It is in that presence of the heavenly Father that we are there in the arms of God, safe and secure in Him, where we find it is so easy to rest  in Him.

When we are there in the mist of praising God we are able to do spiritual warefare. It is there that we are able to show that in the middle of troubles we are stilling running to God and not away from Him. When we run to Him in these times, we are able to find that we take power and stamina away from the things that are coming up agaist us. We may find that ultimate deliverance, when we are standing, sitting in the presence of God. In that praise we are able to bring the walls down, they will fall and shatter all around in the presence of God.

That presence is so very apparent when we are praising the the heavely Father. God is there with us, and we are speaking a heavely language when we sing the praises to God. When we reach out to God in through our praise we are able to see and be in the glory of God for that moment. In that moment we know the love of the Father, and are thankful for all that He has done for us his children. We are able to praise God with the angels, and that is a wonderful thing and a powerful thing. We are able to find rest, peace, love, secuity in the arms of the Father that we are able to run to through our praises.

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