Monday, October 11, 2010

Wasting Time:

There is something that we all do in life and on a daily bases that others consider wasting time. We acknowledge att he time we are doing it or shorting there after that what we were doing was a true waste of time , and that we should have been doing something else at that moment. Yet, what is wasting time, and is something a waste of time to one person, while it could be very important to another soul. Then there are a ton, and I mean a ton of resources out there that tell you how to be mnore efficient in your day, how to be more effective in a shorter amount of time. Yet, our time is ours and it is all we have in a day, the same 24 hours as any other person, what we choose to do or if others see us as wasting our time as Christians then so be it, God is not a waste of time in my book! Going to daily mass, church on Sunday is not a waste of time it is a time growth and renewal!

Why do people think that time spent with God is a waste of time? God is vital in our lives as Christians, even if you have only been a Christian and walking with the Lord for 2 minutes or have been walking that path for several months or years. By having that walk with God on a daily bases we are able to secure in the love that the Father has for us as His Children. When we take that time daily to be with the God, we know not only are we loved by God, but we are able to recieve all that the Father has for us as His Children. We are His sons and daughters, we are valued by the Father, and and he wants us to spend time with Him. He longs for those moments when we take the time to talk to God, and listen to what He is telling us. He loves when His Children come to him in worship, that time when we draw so near to the Father, that we almost hear His heart beating for us.

As His children we are always loved. There are no conditions on the love. We are not loved by God if we do or not do something. We are si,ply loved by God because we are His kids! We are able to come to the Father through the cross and the reserection of His Son Jesus. We are able to remove all hinderences that would prevent us from getting to our Father in Heaven. But, we have a direct line to heaven beacuse of our Faith and belief in Him. He is all loving and a very forgiving Father, and will always welcome His children home with open arms. He is there waiting and long for us to be there with Him and spend a little time each day with our loving Father in Heaven! God, loves us and if spending time with my HEavenly Father is never a waste of time.

When we are in the arm of the Father, spending time with Him, being there in His presence we are renewed, we find strenght, comfort, peace, love and so much more. It is one of the best places here on earth that we can ever experience is that of being in the loving arms of the Heavenly Father!

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