Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shhh Listen already!

Last Sunday I walked into church and found an open sport about mid way back on the side, so I sat there in the pew and prepared for service to start. I was sitting there reflecting and praying, upon sitting back in the pew I started to notice the world of church around me. The families that came in and sat down, who was praying, who was talking and who was there just going through all the motions for another person or becase they had to be there. It was a sad testament to the youth in the church! To see the parents so distracted, talking to their other half, digging in the purse, or just day dreaming, all this is fine prior to the start of mass.

Once Father walks in and the mass starts, we are there to learn, worship, prayer and take communion. I found how easily it is to be distracted when there is a couple behind you that is not there for the mass, rather just another family thing that they have to dso for the kids on Sunday. To attend mass, pray, then go on our merry way the rest of the week. 

Its a wonder that many people get anything out of mass when there is a couple or family sitting behind you that has no respect for the mass, Father or the simple fact that they are in God's house!!! Is it so much to ask that when Father is pouring out the homily that is from his heart, that you take the time to listen. That you pay attention and stop talking. The homily is not that long and if you so need to talk then go to the lobby and be respectful of those around you. Some actually come to mass to draw closer to the HEavenly Father. They may need to hear from God, have that quiet moment to pray in mass. They may need to find peace, love and solitude in the Lord, but with all the distractions around you it can be hard for some to focus on the word of the Lord, the message that is being given to the people of the church. What would happen if someone really needed to hear the homily, that God had the Father prepare that specific service for a select few people to meet them where they are in their walk, to tell them it is ok, and that there are people here to trust or love them as they are right now. Yet, they missed the whole point of the mass, because of the noise, the constant chatter that is occuring behind them.

There is a time to talk prior to and after mass. Please be respectful of thise around you and of God himself in the services. Would you behave that way knowing that God was there sitting a pew behind you. Would you chater if you were there sitting in His presence, in His house? God is there in the church if you recongize or pay attention to Him or not, but be respectful of those sitting around you, they may need that word or touch form the Father, and if they miss it because of you, how will you explain that one to God. Sorry  Lord, I had to keep texting or talk about the lunch date and party after church, it is just a formality on Sunday for the kids?

Take the time in mass or in any service to reflect, listen and pray. Take that time in mass to draw closer to the Heavenly Father.

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