Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Forgive them? Never!!!

What would happen to us if we all took God seriously, and not saw going to church as a choir that we had to do on Sunday.  What would it take to take that step and respond to God, and really say  yes to him. That we would go to him and draw near to Him daily, rather then withdrawing from Him on a daily bases other then Sunday in church where we sit and listen to the homily or sermon that is being given. But are we really listening, or are we there cause we have to be there because it is an obligation. What would happen to us we because real worshipers of the Lord, would you still live a life without thinking of God other then on Sundays or would you draw nearer to Him?

Oh, if we draw near to God then everything would change, maybe you would have to start caring about those around you or have to forgive someone in your life. Yet, you are not willing to let go of that pain or hurt, and just flat out don't want to forgive them because they don't deserve to be forgiven by you or by anyone else! Yet, the Father in heaven wants you to forgive them so that you can draw nearer to Him and grown deeply in Him and His love, None of us really deserve to be forgiven, yet Jesus died so that you could be forgiven and be able to come to the Father in heaven without difficulity. None of us truly deserved to have all our sins wiped away and made white as snow in the eyes of the Father, yet out of Love for us He died so that we could live life more fully on earth as we walk with Him.

Not only will the Father draw near to you as you draw near to Him, but you will grow in Christ. You will find that your love for others around you will grow, you may see things a little differently as you walk and worship the Father in Heaven. It is by drawing near to him that we will have peace in our hearts, and comfort to our souls, yet if there is true unforgiveness in us how can we become complete in Christ? How can we forgive some but not others? Yet in the Bible it state we are to forgive someone at least 70x7 times. Imagine if we forgave someone and they changed not only towards you but towards others too and your relationship grew because you came to an understanding with them. Not only did your realtionshup with them grow, but they changed also because you had the heart of forgiveness towards them. What would happen by you letting go and letting God be in charge, letting God deal with the hurt and allowing Him to change you and them at that moment. By allowing God to move in your life He can work thorough you and even change the other person, or at least give you peace on the situtation.  Is peace in you and around you worth forgiving that person? Only you can answer that question.

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